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Buy a Smart Bag for Your Smart Phone

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Communication plays an important role in our life. Since the time we were born we communicate and will do this till we die, we communicate with almost everything around us in some way or the other. To make long distance communications easier a revolutionary step was initiated by Motorola in the year 1973 when the very first mobile phone was introduced. For the first 20 years mobile phones were not in the reach of common men. But after 1993 mobile phones were introduced more liberally by different companies with new and exciting features.

After 2000 a new era of mobile phones began with many remarkable inventions by Apple (IOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Mobile). These mobile operating systems were unique in themselves due to ability of supporting millions of applications.

Today mobile is no longer a machine, its meaning changed gradually, which make mobiles smarter than ever. But at the same time people faced a big issue in almost every mobile i.e. battery/charging. Mobile works on a battery with some rating in mAh. A common user clicks pictures, go online on various social apps, listen music, watch videos and make calls via texts. If you are doing all these things your mobile battery will get discharge within few hours.

If you are at home it is feasible for you to charge it again but what if you are not at home? Below are some common alternative solutions what people prefer when their battery get discharged.

  1. Borrow – People borrow mobiles for important calls, sometimes data cables so that they charge mobile by PC or Laptop, sometimes charger or battery
  2. Buy – Buy one more mobile phone or an alternate battery or some travel adapters

But what if you are alone, at night on street? You will not find anyone near you to borrow or buy something. It happens occasionally when you are stuck in critical situations. Then what you will do?

In order to solve all such issues many companies have introduced various handbags and backpacks which allows you to charge you’re mobile at any place and at anytime.

Smart Bag

Infographic Courtesy: Secret Vintage Collection

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