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Choosing Smartphones with the Best Camera Features

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High Quality camera is certainly is a must-have feature in any Smartphone available these days in the market. Today, with exclusive camera features, you can instantly capture any moment you want, and get it uploaded on any social media networking websites for your friends to see, like and comment.

Digi camera phones have transformed the world of photography. Almost every phone comes with high end camera due to which the sale of separate standalone digital cameras have declined in the current times. These mobile cameras are at par with any dedicated image capturing devices.

Smartphone Camera

Nowadays, Digi cameras and smartphones can be interconnected using Wi-Fi options. Many smartphone manufacturers offers free downloaded software applications that enable you to connect your camera with phone. These apps help you to store photos, and also use it as a controller, linking your screen with camera’s viewfinder.

All the major mobile brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Google smartphones come with great features. Given below is a short review on the quality of cameras in top smartphones.

However, customers nowadays look for the inside technology as well, apart from the priority over buying w.r.t the looks and the smartness of the looks of the devices. The inside technology revolves around the makers of phones involving the best OS technologies like Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS, Android, etc.

The Best Camera Phones: A Comparison

Recently, Apple introduced two of its latest series, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. The USP of these two digital devices is their large screen. Compared to the traditional iPhones, these new models come with excellent picture and video viewing features.

Loaded with dual LED flash, 8MP camera, Resolution Retina display of 1750 x 1,334, iPhone is one word for high-resolution camera smartphone. What sets this brand apart from the others in the industry is its ability to capture high definition video of 1080p.

Quick verdict

For all Android lovers, Samsung has come up with some incredible versions of Note 4 and Galaxy S5. It is due to their incredible features that it has taken a huge market share competing openly with Apple’s newly introduced iPhones.

A larger display of 5.7″ plus unbelievable 16-megapixel camera packed with 551ppi pixel density, Samsung surely is the best alternative for video watching. Slightly bigger than iPhone 6 screen, Samsung galaxy is surely unbeatable when it comes to video display.

No matter how brand conscious you are, phone size and the operating system used are some of factors to look for while buying smartphones. Also if you have not restricted yourself to iPhone and Samsung, Google’s Nexus 6 and HTC One M8 are also some other viable option to consider.

Today, smartphones are not just voice-centric device. They are more of a Personal Digital Assistant that replicates all the key characteristics of a private computer like Internet access, document viewing, contact management, data sharing to name a few. In other words, due to its functionality, it has enriched our lives in numerous ways.

Smart phones is a Smart Choice

According to the latest survey conducted on which is the best smartphone camera 2014, average mobile users are happy with the normal handset they use. However, some are very particular about added advantages of smartphones like email, Internet access, and multimedia. Read more Top 5 Camera Smartphones.

Although the prices of the smartphones are on the higher side, it is worth every penny you invest on it. If you are looking for more information on smartphone cameras, then you can visit reputed websites.

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