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Cloudifile Data Encryption

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Data security or backup is the most common matter for every person who use Internet and technologically sound. We always think about our data, how it is going to be secured or how much have to spend doe this security. Some people buy online cloud storage to backup and secure data but they also faces problem with online data security because of hackers. It’s more painful when you lose any data instead of leaking your data. Dropbox is very popular for online data backup option but Dropbox security recently hacked by hackers and Dropbox tried to ignore it. Hackers are active and you are in a problem if you do not choose good online data backup company. Read more Tips to secure your Dropbox.

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If you install Dropbox into your pc then it helps you backup automatically but there’s a catch. The problem is what you are going to do with that Dropbox folder where all of your important data is saved? Anyone can access that data into your pc if your pc is compromised. For this reason you need to secure that Dropbox folder into your pc and Cloudifile will help you by cloud encryption.

Cloud encryption is rare in market and you can do it for free with Cloudifile. It will secure your data both in local machine and Dropbox. You can secure all kinds of files with some clicks. Its so easy to protect your data because Cloudifile easily be integrated into your explorer. Files you want to protect will automatically encrypted and sent to cloud. It will save your time and lessen your hassle. You can setup your own rules for the existing folders or documents. You need an account to use this application and it’s easy to create one. It’s easy to install Cloudifile just like other windows applications. You need to be installed .NET Framework 4.0 or higher first to use this. When you are logged in to your account, you can access your data but when you log out no one can access your data. Cloudifile just make your data invisible to other users who are not authorized into you local machine. If you forgot your password then you can change your password easily.

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If you are facing any problem then you can contact with them with their awesome support center. You can find a piece of PDF file to use this application and all about what and how to do with the application. You can find a PDF that contains lots of information why you need to use this application to protect your cloud data. If you have any question then there is also a PDF file available where all the Q&A available. You can watch a video into their site to know a brief idea about this application.

You can share your Cloudifile protected folder right into your windows explorer. You just need to right click on that file you want to share and then hover over your mouse to “Cloudifile” and then click share. Then your browser page will open Dropbox-sharing window. Then you can invite your friends or family or anyone with their Dropbox email address. Isn’t it so easy? I love this application. This small piece of applications will just increase your Dropbox security and its for free. If you want to secure your Dropbox data without spending any penny then this application is just for you. It just give you all the features what a premium application will do. I highly recommend this application for everyone who is tensed about his or her cloud file security.

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