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Download Firefox Beta 34.0

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The Firefox Beta 34.0 is now in the Beta channel for downloading and trying!

Firefox Beta is the build for those who like a little bit of jeopardy, but who don’t want to risk everything by trying out Firefox Aurora, the early alpha build of Firefox. Firefox Beta gives you a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox six weeks ahead of its final release, offering a relatively stable build that’s not quite ready for primetime, but still pretty solid.

Download Firefox beta

New features of Firefox Beta 34.0 include:

  • Firefox Hello real-time communication client
  • Easily switch themes/personas directly in the Customizing mode
  • Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs
  • Wikipedia search now uses HTTPS for secure searching
  • Non-intrusive way to set Firefox as default browser
  • Implementation of HTTP/2 (draft14) and ALPN
  • Recover from a locked Firefox process in the “Firefox is already running” dialog on Windows

Download FREE Firefox Beta 34.0

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