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Eat my dust: What makes the Clair air purifiers a must have household device

Posted In Home Technology & Gadgets - By Techtiplib on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 With 4 Comments

There are few household devices that we are quickly to name and always on the tip of our tongues when it comes to that matter. These necessary household devices are the ones that making our lives easier, better or healthier. While a lot has been concentrated on the electronics for the household that improve our social life or ones that are designed to provide entertainment, a little has been said regarding the products aimed at improving the health of the inhabitants. While people may slack off when it comes to cleaning the dust out of antique items and let them add to the air pollutants that already dominate the air we breathe.

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People with allergies or asthma are quick to realize the importance of having air purifiers at home. But they are mostly filled with doubts regarding how efficient it would be if they got one, and there are ones who have been there, done that with no positive results to stand by. Getting significantly noticeable results off these air purifiers might be something that varies from consumer to consumer based on their history of results and the device that has been assigned with the rigorous task of cleaning out the heavy air pollutants that dominate the air these days. Pollen, viruses, bacteria, ultrafine dust particles and smoke are some of the particles of the order of very few microns and these are the ones that need to be eliminated if a fresh influx of air is what homes demand. 

Getting rid of these particles has not been yet efficiently done, not at least until Clair’s innovative air purifiers  have been developed.Clair’s new range of air purifiers have been developed with extensive research and a patented new innovative filtering technology, known as the e2f filter. This e2f filter is the only single filter that dons this new range of air purifiers and its efficiency is unquestionable. The e2f filter has proven to be very efficient compared to the UV-C, ionization or even the widely popular HEPA filterair purifiers are taken into consideration. Although the HEPA filters are still widely popular and in use in different air purifiers, they make a case against the usability of the device which is bulkier, takes a toll on the monthly electricity bill, takes lot of maintenance efforts and still manages to miss out on ultrafine dust particles. These undesirable features have been effectively replaced by what the Clair air purifiers have to offer.

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The e2f filter makes use of a synthetic resin film that filters out the micro particles by attracting the polarized air contaminants. This use of a single filter has made it pretty easier to considerably reduce the size of these air purifiers. Apart from reducing the size of the air purifier, it has also led to a considerable saving in terms of the monthly electricity bill. Where the previous air purifiers used to take a toll on the consumer’s monthly electricity bill, keeping the Clair air purifier on for 24 hours a day throughout the month will not even make a major difference on your monthly electricity bill. This was fairly possible due to the fact that the power consumption of these Clair air purifiers is as low as 5 watts.

The loud noises that accompanied the previous air purifiers are also one of the reason consumers steered away from these products and Clair air purifiers are whisper-quiet sound emitting device. The noise emitted from these air purifiers is unnoticeable even on the highest mode of operation. This elimination of the loud noises had made it a good fit for the relatively quieter home environments. As far as the maintenance costs and efforts needed on the consumers end are to be considered, the Clair air purifiers take a minimal toll on your wallet for maintaining this device. The filter in the Clair air purifier needs to be taken out and vacuumed only once a month and the filter to be completely replaced only after 18 months of usage.

As far as the build and design are considered, this air purifier is a beauty because of its minimalistic design and robust build quality. This device complements your home environment and perfectly blends into the home atmosphere without being too obtrusive. This is the one air purifier that your home needs and to keep out the harmful air pollutants out of your way efficiently. Having a clean and fresh air for your family is your responsibility and the Clair air purifier is what’ll assist you in providing a new leash of fresh air for your loved ones. Breathe easier; live healthier with Clair’s new range of air purifiers.

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  1. Jim Clark says:

    I think the best thing is about low power consumption. Not up to $1 per month. Too great.

  2. Mysticain says:

    Just a week ago a friend of mine recommended Clair air purifiers to me to help alleviate respiratory problems I’ve been facing lately. Looks like this product has been garnering pretty good reviews .