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Ending a Phone Contract Early and Obtaining Better Deals

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A mobile phone contract can offer value for money, but they also mean consumers are tied to one company for an average of 24 months. Your circumstances can change during the life of your contract and this should be a consideration if you’re thinking of signing up with a network provider.

There are options available to consumers looking to terminate a phone contract, change providers or find a no obligation deal.

Phone Contract


An ever changing life

You might not initially think that a 24 month phone contract is a big commitment, but things tend to crop up in life and you’ll still be tied to that network provider. You might take a period of extended travel or you may find new employment where a phone company is included. You might also find a better phone deal elsewhere and have no option but to stick with your present provider until that contract expires. Issues such as these do deter many people from signing up for those cast-iron deals, but there are ways to terminate early, find a better deal or forgo the contract altogether.

A new phone and a better deal

If you’re near the end of your contract and on the lookout for a new deal then it’s a good idea to contact your provider. The mobile phone market is hugely competitive and if your company thinks you’re about to jump ship, they may offer you better rates in order to keep your custom. A good way of doing this is to contact your provider around a month before the contract is due to expire and state that you’ve found better rates elsewhere. You could find that you’re offered a much better deal than your previous contract set-up and you should also be able to upgrade your handset for free.

Phone Contract sim


Keep your phone, change providers

Breaking a contract early will usually mean paying an early-termination fee (ETF) and this can be costly at the contract commencement. However, this fee can decrease over the contract length, usually month by month, so it’s a good idea to check the ETF if you’re considering canceling. Of course you can also choose the option of passing on your contract to someone else and this will include some paperwork and a few phone calls to your provider. However, if someone does agree to take on the ‘transfer of responsibility’ then you won’t have to pay the ETF and you’ll be free and clear.

Check out the month to month deals

If you’re looking for better rates than those available on the pay as you go option, then get online and compare SIM only deals. Choosing this option means you’re not tied to a contract and you can set a budget on minutes, texts and data usage. You can also use the new SIM in whichever phone you choose, whether it’s a handset from a previous contract or one you’ve bought yourself. Recommended reading Why Go for Sim Only Contracts?

Long-term contracts do have advantages, but of course they’re set up to ensure phone providers keep your custom for a specific period. If that unexpected change in circumstances does happen then make sure to consider all options available before ditching that contract.

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