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Free Cryptic Disk 4 Replaces TrueCrypt

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Exlade releases Cryptic Disk 4, a new version of its disk encryption program. In the update, the software implements compatibility with abandoned TrueCrypt and goes free with a special Cryptic Disk Free license. A number of functional changes are announced as well.

Users working with certain security solutions eventually get tied to them – encryption formats are rarely 100% compatible and switching to another solution can be painful. After famous TrueCrypt closed its doors and terminated the support, many users had to face with the need to migrate to another solution.

Cryptic Disk

Cryptic Disk 4 released by Exlade picks up the baton from TrueCrypt offering support for encrypted containers produced by this abandoned software. This means a user can mount True Crypt containers or whole disks as easily as they were created in Cryptic Disk. While some capabilities of Cryptic Disk 4 are not supported by the TrueCrypt format, such an option is a relief for those users who didn’t want to (or couldn’t) cease using the favorite tool.

And encryption abilities of Cryptic Disk 4 greatly overcome those of the terminated program. Providing most of typical disk encryption capabilities, the tool goes much further. Thanks to the Deniable Encryption technology volumes encrypted by Cryptic Disk 4 do not contain any signatures that could disclose the very fact of encryption. And nested encrypted disks make this fact completely not evident. With the technology of cascade encryption the tool switches between multiple encryption algorithms on the fly to for even higher security. Conveniently, mounting/unmounting of an encrypted disk can be set to trigger execution of certain applications or scripts.

Finally, since version 4, Cryptic Disk goes free. Specifically, there are two editions of the tool now: Cryptic Disk Free and Cryptic Disk Professional. Both are completely compatible with TrueCrypt format. And that means users of TrueCrypt have just received a functional free application to work with data encrypted by the abandoned software.

Pricing and availability

Cryptic Disk 4 is available in two editions now: Free and Professional. While the first one is free, the Professional version costs $64.95. Professional edition offer physical disk encryption, multiple encryption algorithms to choose from and up to three levels of nested encryption. The program supports all versions of Windows OS starting from XP SP3.


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Exlade, Inc develops information security systems since 1998. The company offers encryption and information protection solutions for personal and corporate use. The flagship products of the company are Disk Password Protection and Cryptic Disk.

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