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Giveaway of Muse – The World’s First Brain-Sensing Headband

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This is a giveaway to get free the Muse – The Brain-Sensing Headband (worth $299)!

The Muse headband is the first tool of its kind that works with your mobile device to track your brain activity to help improve focus, attention and composure. Similar to how a heart rate monitor works to detect your heart rate during physical exercise, it detects as records brain signal during focused-attention exercise (meditation).

Muse Headband 2

The Muse uses the science of EEG (short for electroencephalography) to detect electrical activity waves emitted from the brain. Long, slow waves mean you’re calm (or sleeping), and fast, short waves are typically indicative of high-brain activity, common when learning or in high-stress situations.

Muse Headband 3

Read more and enter the giveaway page here, follow instructions and wait for results!

Note: The giveaway is available until November 28, 2014 at 12 AM PST. And on December 1, 2014 Topwick select the lucky winner, then announce the winner via email.

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