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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support rapid charging with CHOETECH Multi USB Charger

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In their latest mobile phone models, Apple Inc inserts a battery that supports rapid charging feature. According to the experiment performed by iLounge, both of these latest flagship devices by Apple are equipped with a hardware that has ability to support the capacity of current up to 2.1Amps. But still the main concern is that iPhone 6 users can’t utilize this feature with the USB Charger that comes inside the box. However, they can use high capacity based chargers like CHOETECH Multi Port USB desktop Charger, having the overall capacity of 10Amps or 2.4 Amp at each port in order to experience fast charging feature in their respective iPhone 6. The charger has a power of 50W and can charge up to 6 iOS or Android based devices simultaneously with its unique auto detection feature.

Multi USB Charger 1

CHOETECH Multi Port USB Charger charging an iPhone 6 at high speed

Although, Apple only includes 1Amp charger in the box that resist its users to experience the fast charging feature. But if they use CHOETECH Multi Port USB Charger, they feel the real difference. With this charger, an iPhone 6 can charge with a capacity of 2.1Amps, which is declared as its maximum charging potential or could say the battery gets fully juice up within just 2 hours. Some of the major features of this charger that differentiates it from other chargers falling under the same category:

  • It has an auto-detection feature that intelligently detects the Smartphone and charges it at its maximum potential. It means a user can plug-in their iOS or Android based devices at any of the six ports. There is a chip integrated in this charger which can figure out what device it is currently charging and uses the charging protocol designed for that device. Most of other Multi Port Chargers available in the stores are lack of this feature. They just have a dedicated port for each device to charge and as a result, it limits their usage up to some extent.
  • The charger has an overall capacity of 10Amps or 2.4Amp at each port that can charge the devices at rapid fast speed. Moreover, it takes up just one slot of power strip that eventually reduces the trap of wires in the house.
  • It contains 6 Port with the equal charging capacity, unlike others that have 5 or even less than 5 ports with variable charging capacity at each port.
  • It is compatible with all latest flagship Smartphones from all major brands viz. iPad Air 2, iPhone6/6plus, iPhone 5/5S, 4/4S, iPad Air mini, Galaxy S5/S4, the latest Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3/2, LG’s latest flagship device G3 and 1 year old Smartphone G2, and much more.
  • The charger contains a 60m cord that is long enough to place this charger anywhere comfortably. Moreover, it is CE and FCC marked and RoHS compliant.

Multi USB Charger 2

CHOETECH Mutli USB Charger charging 6 devices simultaneously

The charger is compact in size and weighs around 158gm. It operates on the input voltage in between 100-240V (AC). In the US, a customer can buy it from Amazon.

Moreover, it is also available in the UK, Canada, German, France, Italy and Spain on their respective Amazon sites. CHOETECH offers a 1 year warranty on this charger for any manufacturing defect.

For detailed information about the company’s terms and conditions and to know more about this charger you can also visit at their official website:

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