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Pushbullet – Receive and Send Android SMS On PC

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Pushbullet is a service that allows you to send information between multiple devices quickly, and recently Pushbullet version for Android has been updated to feature SMS. Through a browser installed extension (Chrome or Firefox) on PC, you can view, compose or send Android SMS on PC without the mobile device. Pushbullet is totally provided free of charge, just download and experience now.

Send Android SMS on PC

Sending things (pictures, files, links,…) with Pushbullet is the easiest way to share things between your devices:

  • Push a link to your phone by just right-clicking on it on your computer. You can then go right to the link by tapping on the notification.
  • Send pictures and other files to your phone wirelessly from your computer and open them right from the notification. No more digging things out of your email inbox or Dropbox.
  • Send any address over to your phone so you can get right into Google Maps instead of having to look it up again on your phone.
  • Put a todo list right in your notification tray and check of items as you go.

How to send Android SMS on PC with Pushbullet?

  • You must log in with a Google account on any device you want to use Pushbullet, including phones, tablets and PC’s browser.
  • When you need to send an SMS, click on the Pushbullet icon located next to the address bar of the browser, select the “SMS”, enter the recipient’s phone number and then edit the content and press “Send”
  • If you have a SMS, your Chrome or Firefox will display a message on the computer screen, just click “Reply” button to reply to the message.

Download Pushbullet:

  • Pushbullet cho Android
  • Extension Pushbullet for Chrome
  • Extension Pushbullet for Firefox

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