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What It Takes To Perform a Complete SEO Audit for Your Business Website

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If your SEO strategy is more than two years or is not giving you the ROI you expect from it (read more SEO Strategy For 2014), a comprehensive audit is in order. However, it is not easy to do an SEO audit where you get a clear picture about a way forward because:

  • It take a few weeks rather than days to do an insightful audit
  • You need to take into account evolving trends and factor in the change that will take place in future
  • You need to get multiple perspectives to understand where your SEO strategy is and where its shortcomings are.

What are you looking for?

SEO AuditBefore you do an SEO audit, you need to know a few things. You have to understand where you stand and what you want the audit to tell you. Here are a few questions to answer: 

Once you know answers to these questions, you have a good starting point for an SEO audit. Here are the things that you will find out in a detailed analysis of your website with respect to its technical underpinnings and its visual content. 

Technical audit

A technical SEO audit will tell you about the following aspects:

  • Accessibility: Your website needs to be accessible to search engines to crawl. If search engines cannot index your content, your pages will not appear in search results pages. Make sure that your robots.txt file excludes the pages that you want Google and other search companies to index and show in their search results. 
  • Status codes: Check if all your HTTP status codes work as expected. For instance,
  • Links to non-existent pages on your site should lead to a 404 redirect
  • Valid web pages should return a 200 HTPP code to say everything is working as it should
  • pages that have been moved should use 301 redirect so search engines know where to look 
  • Interlinking: One of the most overlooked SEO strategies by businesses is to interlinking on websites. This is where you create links on your pages, which point to other pages on their own site. This internal structure is very important for search engines to know that your website has useful content for users.

There are other factors, which will be revealed in an audit including index ability, site performance (speed and consistency), code simplicity, sitemaps, but the aspects detailed above are most important.

Content analysis

This analysis tells you how well your website performs when it comes to the content that people will see. Some important aspects here include:

  • How well you have used tags like h1 to h6 tags, title tags, images and more
  • How well you have used meta keywords throughout your site
  • Whether you have made appropriate use of keywords in image attributes, headings, etc

If you find that a technical SEO audit is beyond your expertise, then it makes sense to hire reputable audit services like, which have the required technical merit to analyze your site and make it friendlier to search engines and visitors. The focus with blog commenting is on the quality of content you post.

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