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WordPress Plugin: ByREV WP-PICShield – Protect Hotlinking Images & Increases Traffic

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ByREV WP-PICShield – “Images HOTLINK Defence” is free WordPress Plugin that protects against hotlinking images by search engines and other sites that basically steal your bandwidth, decrease the traffic on your site, and you can lose a large amount of revenue. If you have photos that indexed on Google Images, user must visit your site if they want to view the original images “without covered”.

WordPress Plugin


  • Caching Support – Save resources & speed-up your website.
  • Pass-Through Request with “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” response; without redirection to new images; results in search engines is not affected!
  • Anti-IFRAME Protection, make sure that your site content is not displayed embed in another website (a.k.a bing search images result)
  • defines a list of other sites (referrer) that are allowed to display images from your site.
  • defines a list of search engines or bots that are allowed to access/crawl the real images
  • Custom image transprency value
  • Custom PNG watermark filename
  • Watermark over image custom position: top, center, bottom (optional, enabled by default)
  • Custom Watermark image/opacity
  • Write source host over images
  • Send Hotlink Protection Signature in Images Header (optional, disabled by default)
  • Redirect direct-link images from google images to: attachment template page or to single/gallery page (optional, enabled by default)
  • Custom URL/Page link for Not Found images
  • Custom response code for Not Found images: 404, 302 or 307 (404 Not Found, by default)
  • Maximum size in megapixels for protected files. Avoid memory errors for big files
  • Protection against unauthorized requests
  • For a quick execution, configuration is applied directly from customized script file.
  • Allow Online Translators (will be served directly)
  • Special image, dynamically generated, served for warning visitors with blank referer; Available for those who need it!
  • Allow share button for socials sites. Facebook, Pinterest, Thumblr, Twitter, Google Plus – will be served directly; without this, share button will not work! (optional, enabled by default)
  • Allow self server – Share images to: WordPress via RPC and Twitter via OAuth, will not work without this update !
  • Write time over image (bottom left) when the file was cached (optional: disabled by default)
  • Source host over image in QR-BarCode Format. Bottom right position; Offers the opportunity to visit the site with smartphones using “barcode scanner” software (optional: disabled by default)
  • Manual Clear Cache script avoid php limit execution. Cache is self-cleared after each Update Options.
  • Allow remote ip list
  • CDN Tools, Info and Help (warning: this is not for dummies, dont screw your up server!)

Note: Some incompatibility with Varnish, Lighthttpsd, and other “cache” services – Images must not be cached !!! CDN users must ensure that the images served by the CDNS server may be manual updated or have expiration period.

Download the WordPress plugin: ByREV WP-PICShield

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