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20 Popular Customer Feedback Survey Tools for you

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Customer feedback and survey tools help online entrepreneurs to measure the likelihood of online customers about the range of products. They will express their views about the quality of your products. Therefore, to manage online customer surveys properly, entrepreneurs should use some advanced and Cloud based customer survey/feedback tools online. These are the top 20 of the lot for usage in the commercial sectors:


netigateNetigate is a web based service for managing customer feedback and online surveys via web, mobile phones or touch pads. We offer automated flows for direct customer, employee or website feedback as well as providing open API´s, and real time reporting via dashboards.


Zoomerange is suitable customer survey software for people. Corporate clients, students and marketing executives use it. You can create new survey questionnaire sets on the spot online. Customers will have to click the right answers mentioned in the list. There is an instant update option to check the customer feedbacks on dashboard. Both advanced and basic rental plans are available for you.

Key Survey

This customer feedback software provides a set of attractive tech features in a single go. For instance, the multimedia question resetting feature is helpful to users to make, edit and reset survey questions quickly. This key survey software is applicable from small to big product promotion surveys . API feature is a must for people for survey data sharing with other tools.

Lime Survey

Lime Survey is another popular customer feedback survey tool. It’s salient features include easy operability, online library, data conversion in 40 different languages, online chatting, piping and instant data update, etc. It is a free open source data management tool as well.

Question Pro

Question Pro, offers basic free customer feedback service. However, there is also the availability of budget friendly monthly rental plan for $15-$99. On demand, anyone can restore old question sets from the library online replacing the newly posted survey questions. It also helps you to share data with other cross device compatible tools at the same time.


Qualtrics is usefulfor data analysers who want to analyse or measure the interest/response of customers. Online surveys help increase the product sales and are one of the best customer feedback tools.

Customer Feedback Survey Tool


Formsite is undoubtedly a user-friendly customer survey tool for all online entrepreneurs who need constant feedbacks coming from customers. Check the cost–effective monthly rental plans to use this software.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has all competitive monthly rental packages for customers. Install it to know about the response and trends of people.   Before launching products, feel free to do trials by using this customer surveysoftware to get familiar with reactions of people.   This software is beneficial forbusinesspersonswho needto record feedbacks of customers for regular assessment aboutthe product-buying trend online.


PollDaddy is a basic customer survey and feedback tool. Though it does not offer piping or skip logic option to people for online surveys management, it can redesign the survey pages excellently. Template designs online for optimizing survey sites are done with this fantastic software.


SurveyGizmo is a hi-tech customer feedback survey, which provides brilliant features like piping, image embedding and skip logic options.


PollSnack is an innovative tool to do customizable survey poll designs to record feedbacks and response of customers. It offers faster question generating mechanism to people.

Polls for Facebook

To create or share different online customer surveys on social media networks like Facebook, use Polls for Facebook. There is an unlimited rental plan to operate this tool.


For easy and faster customer surveys online without hiring employees, install KwikSurveys software to conduct regular customer feedback/surveys It also offers online data comparison to select the best customers from the list.

Poll Everywhere

For real time survey experience, install Poll Everywhere. There are multiple options to ask questions and get quick answers from audience.


SoGoSurvey is a part of product promotion and online marketing. It offers free quizzing, rapid data sharing and survey poll updates online.

Kinesis Survey

Kinesis Survey is essential for budding traders to evaluate and screen customer feedback. This tool helps businessmen to do market research.


Obsurvey is ultra-modern Cloud supported survey management software.

The Survey System

The Survey System customer survey software has some remarkable features like online questionnaire setting, instant poll management, and data analysis.

Digivey Survey

Digivey Survey is for self-pace survey management. It is upgraded software to ensure better cross device compatibility.


Tablet users who get opportunities to gather real time customer survey reports online prefer QuickTapSurvey.

Hence it has become imperative for modern businessmen to install such qualitative software tools to enhance the market research, assessment and online survey management which will best help them to analyse their customers and their preferences.

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