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6 Superlative Emulators For Android Devices

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Almost all of us have enjoyed playing on those older consoles during childhood. The consoles have offered a memorable time that we still admire the most. They included some of the best video games and in fact today also, you can find a whopping number of console games for almost every genre. The console games were not only engaging but, they actually offer a graphic rich, enticing and intriguing option to pass time and have fun during the free hours.

Today in the Smartphone and tablet era, is it possible to relive those memorable moments again? Is it possible to run those games on the most popular mobile platform – Android.

emulators for Android

Indubitably, the advancement in technology is offering us new and fabulous games and gadgets, and it also offers a plethora of alternatives to make those older consoles run on the latest technology. Yes, there is no dearth of emulators that can remind you of your childhood days with those old games. Just choose a preferable emulator, connect it with your Android device and enjoy playing your favorite game.

Here is a list of top-of-the-funnel emulators for Android devices, go through the list and choose a favorite one.

1. SuperN64

This emulator allows one to play the Nintendo 64 game via an Android device. It is an updated version of the Mupen64. This free emulator doesn’t include the game, you have to search an N64 game ROM on the Internet and download them separately. There are several websites that offer game ROMs for free.

This emulator is really simple to use, just select and play. Once a game ROM is downloaded to your device, simply access the SuperN64, select the game of your choice from the available options and enjoy playing your favorite game. However, the default functions and settings of the emulator are pretty cool, but it can be also tuned and adjusted as per the player’s need.

2. FPse for android

This premium PlayStation emulator offers fabulous features with full control and various options to deliver an outstanding performance. With remarkable ROM capabilities, this app is extremely useful and can lend a wonder user experience. Investing some in understanding the functioning of this application would be a great worth.

3. NES.emu

The .emu series of emulator applications is considered as one of the best apps. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator possesses a great compatibility and a plentiful features that make it stand ahead of the crowd. It perfectly emulates the console basics, controller and numerous hardware options to support the NES (including Famicom Disk System, Zapper Light Gun and more). Moreover, while offering multi-touch controls with a user-friendly setup, this emulator facilitates memory backup.

4. MD.emu

Designed and developed by Robert Broglia, this premium emulator application comes complete with Sega CD, the Master system, and Sega MegaDrive. It emulates the Sega console in a great fashion while offering utile contols and a huge list of features. It offers the emulation of a four-player multitap, Menacer and Justifier gun controller, and a lot more. This emulator application is a great value for money. If you are a true lover of the retro Sega console, the MD.emu will be an ultimate option for you. Configure the app in a few simple steps and enjoy your game with fabulous controls.

5. John GBC – GBC emulator

Download this affordable emulator application and enjoy your favorite handheld console games. The John GBC is basically a Game Boy Color emulator incorporated with absolute ROM compatibilities. It offers plentiful resourceful features to lend an exquisite gaming experience with turbo buttons, enable cheats, etc. This emulator offers instantaneous results and is perfect choice for the folks who admire the GBA era.

6. Nostalgia.NES Pro 

Those Mario Bros video games were the best games that most of us have had played in our childhood. To relive those amazing times, this NES emulator is a great choice. With ROM compatibility and absolute stability, it delivers great performance. The integrated features like rewind function and virtual controller customization add to its credibility and allows players to play their favorite game with utmost ease.

These are a few of the popular emulator applications. You can download the required one from the play store and relive those days of big consoles and handheld gaming devices.

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