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8 Tips to Delight Your Customers with Packaging that Stands Out of the Crowd

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It ends up in the trash within 60 seconds, so how important can it really be? As an online seller, you’re primarily concerned by what to sell and how to sell more, not leaving you much time to think about the brown cardboard box and bubble wrap that you’re going to send it in. But don’t make this mistake.

You only have one chance to make a first impression and the moment your delivery arrives in your customer’s hands is an opportunity for a little magic.

You’d be amazed but there’s something special in receiving a package, even when it’s the most mundane, everyday item. What’s unique about shopping online is that without being able to touch and smell it, there will always be an element of surprise when it arrives. This is especially true for more unique items like clothing and craft.

PackagingWhy is packaging so important?

  • Win the buy box – Getting a high Seller Feedback Score improves your chances of winning the Buy Box for every one of your items. Customer feedback will be based on the entire experience, so it’s really important to use the final step – the opening of the delivery – to surprise and delight them. 
  • Wow your customers into buying again – Make the unveiling a truly exciting event. According to the 2013 eCommerce Packaging Survey of U.S. consumers, 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging. 
  • Stand out among the crowd – Your item may be commoditized with multiple merchant selling the exact same item. If you want to convert one-off customers into repeat customers, make their experience memorable.
  • They will share it – The eCommerce Packaging survey also found that 4 in 10 consumers would share a photo of a delivery that comes in some kind of unique way, 83% doing so on Facebook. Pinterest and Instagram are also great channels. This is more common among women and younger consumers so could be even more relevant depending on your product category. 

8 Packaging Ideas to Wow Your Customers:

  • Think Green – It’s both an issue of doing the right thing, as well as being soon to do it. Whether it is recycled or biodegradable packaging, consumers don’t want to be left with piles and piles of plastic. Consider also the size. Avoid sending the merchandize in a box which is way too big – seems wasteful. 
  • Second Life Packaging – Payoneer once gave prizes out of a dri-fit running t-shirt. Nice prize, right? But rather than just sending them out in the standard plastic bag, we packaged them inside branded tins. Rather than throwing the tin away, it has often been reused as a pen-pot, cup or even as a child’s drum! 
  • Jass Up the Generic – Even if you have no choice other than a standard brown box, try to take whatever steps possible to personalize it.
    • Seal the box with colorful branded tape
    • Insert a cool thank you flyer expressing your gratitude and encouraging them to engage with you online like Everlane
    • Place the items carefully so that it looks awesome when you open it like this delivery from Trunk Club
    • Wrap the item in a pretty paper just to make it that tiny bit more special like this Bravissimo lingerie delivery
    • Place a branded sticker on the wrapping paper even if it’s just standard brown paper to give it your own personal touch 
  • Start with the Basics – Safe transport has to be your number one consideration. The merchandize MUST arrive in 1 piece (unless you’re shipping a jigsaw puzzle of course) so make sure it is wrapped and sealed well. In order to reduce the chances of an accident along the way, package it in something that is the right size – not too big and not too small and if it’s fragile, it has to be tightly wrapped.


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