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About MultCloud

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MultCloud is a website built entirely service developed by AOMEI Technology, the same people who made famous partition management software – AOMEI Partition Assistant and backup software – AOMEI Backupper. MultCloud lets you combine cloud services all in one place for free, so that you can access and manage your files from multiple file upload sites by logging into a single account. After registering with MultCloud, you’ll be able to connect your cloud services and easily download/upload files, create folders from inside MultCloud and more.

MultCloud’s core features are as follows:

  • Supports the following Cloud Drives: DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, SugarSync and Amazon S3.
  • The space collected from each Cloud Drive is compiled together in MultCloud.
  • Files can be edited online through Google Docs
  • File Sharing with peers
  • Ability to search for files across Cloud Drives.

Functions of MultCloud:

At first, open your browser and input, click “Create An Account” or “Sign up” to get started. Once you have completed the form, click “Create Account”, then activate your account in your registered email.

MultCloud 3

MultCloud currently supports 17 different cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon S3, SugarSync, WebDav, CloudMe, MyDrive, Yandex, Bitcasa, HiDrive, FTP/SFTP and so on. It is very easily, sign in MultCloud and begin to add cloud drives. Pick one of them and click “Next”. 

MultCloud 4

The username and password of the cloud drive accounts that you added into MultCloud will not be recorded in MultCloud’s database. You just need to sign in to those accounts and grant permission to MultCloud. You can add even more than one account of the same service. The display name must be different. Now keep adding until all the ones you want are in your MultCloud account. 

MultCloud 2

After you put all your accounts on Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Amazon S3 or Box into one MultCloud account. To access into an account of a certain service provider, you don’t have to go to their respective sites anymore. Just use your mouse to choose the providers from the sidebar in MultCloud’s main dashboard.

MultCloud 5

You can also use the same method authorized your other cloud accounts besides above mentioned three cloud services to achieve the goal of the cloud big series. Finally, all of your cloud accounts comblined together by MultCloud.

MultCloud 1

All the things done, you can start download files, create folders, and upload new files to any of your connected cloud storage accounts. You can also rename, cut, copy, and delete files just like you would from any other cloud storage app.

MultCloud 6

You can also share file such as photos and videos with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and some other SNS to your friend by emailing and link sharing. Also they can share the files with friends via sending emails.

MultCloud 7

Rare is that MultCloud is a free app, and its functions are quite powerful. It comes equipped with some excellent features, particularly, the ability to manage multiple accounts on the same Cloud Drive and transferring files directly across Cloud Drives. This web-app is very convenient and practical, especially for the users that often use cloud plate software. Overall it is a very great service to save your precious time when accessing multiple cloud services at a time.

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