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The best possible iOS 9 keeping Androids up front

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Apple Android clash should never stop; not good for technology freaks in any way. Each time these guys have been pushing their limits and as a consequence we keep on getting overloaded with spectacular stuffs. This has reached at an interesting stage these days. Both the top platforms are more interested in satisfying the fans. For having the best outcome both don’t mind to borrow each other’s concept. Things can be more apparent upon taking a look at the present Ios8 and Android 5.0. However, the next big thing from Apple, the Ios9 is said to be doing things in a smarter way.

Reportedly, iOS 9 is considering seriously about some specs and looking to shape it perfectly for its devices. Let’s have a look at the mot anticipated specs of above kind those Apple couldn’t resist.

iOS 9


Even the Cupertino fans would agree that design is the aspect where Android products are always favourable. Especially, Cupertino started getting serious on this matter after the too genuine show by iOS 7. iOS 8 was impressive, but al eyes are on iPhone 7 powered by iOS 9. On this context, we can hope for the interface concept are designed equivalent as of Androids.

Enhanced notification panel:

Apple started following Android recently, especially after it realised the way Android better defined its notification method and other related aspects. Reportedly Apple is considering something similar approach with Ios9, as a result the fans may be getting facilities like getting involved with your current job ignoring other not so important notifications. The joint effort of lock panel and notification present you the most relevant information first.

Don’t disturb to be bit more flexible:

Don’t disturb is not something uncommon for the Cupertino users. But, people have gone quite smart to compare. Android brings this feature in a lot better way. Upon referring the Android on this aspect, Cupertino can certainly offer fans with more flexibility regarding the setting of don’t disturb. They can make this happen setting the time as well.

Making it multi-functional

Why only Android or Apple? Ask any user in this world they want their device thoroughly multi tasking. Both Android and Apple offer enough, but, taking a dig at each other can redefine things. Especially, fans hope the Overview there with Ios9. Through the process you can reach at your aimed app in a shorter span. You can have every detail of things going on at each part of your system at a stretch.


Buzz is that Apple is more focussed on dealing with the issues Android earlier received. Sometimes people claim multitasking is good, but they make the system slower. Cupertino is quite concerned on this matter. After all, performance has been the biggest asset for the manufacturer.

On the other hand, Android also needs to consider Apple’s way for its recent issues related to Adobe.

Faster Download:

Talking of the others, downloading stuffs over Android platform is a lot sleek in comparison with the Apple. Having majority of its fans as the youth Apple would definitely want to offer the best on this matter.

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Abhilash Thakur is the founder of iOS9guide who keeps eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iOS 9.

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