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How to Choose the Best Web Host Plan?

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Every website owner wishes that he has some space large enough to hold a number of visitors. That calls for a host where the files of a website will be placed. This is done through web hosting. It is a service that connects the server, network connection, operational software and the control panel account of a website and offers the helpdesk all the help he needs.

Web Host

It is always suggested to choose the right web host to offer your customers with the best web experience ever. The question is how do you know if you have chosen the right web host for your website? Here are some tips that can assist you in making the decision:

  • Hosting features

The hosting features have been growing ever since the hosting has introduced. The maximum disk space quota per each shared hosting plan used to be 5BM in 2003 but in 2009, providers started offering unlimited space and even more features. Today in 2014, a number of new features for hosting have been introduced already. You just need to be sure that your web hosting plan includes all of them. Don’t forget to check the web space, CPU, bandwidth, PHP limits and other options that you may need to successfully operate your website.

Are you aware of your web hosting needs?

If you do not properly know what web hosting plan you need, it is never going to be easy for you to select the right web hosting company. You must access your needs by getting answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of website are you planning to build?
  • Are you going to need windows applications?
  • Will a special version of software needed?
  • What volume of traffic are you going to get?

With these basic questions answered, you will get to know what you need for your website. If you are new, you can always choose a starter’s shared hosting account. But if your business expects massive growth, you will need dedicated or VPS hosting.

What server uptime record do you need?

Everybody needs a web host that operates 24/7. It is important that the company offers you a powerful server with a stable network connection. The uptime must be at least 99%. Anything below it is going to be unacceptable.

Are you getting 24/7 customer support?

You may need the assistance of the hosting company anytime. Emailing cannot be considered a reliable solution to get your problem addressed right away. You need to talk to the rep of the company face to face to get the support you need.

Will you need server upgrades?

If you have database connections that are below 20, you will be fine with using shared host but if there is an expected growth, you will need an upgrade for sure. So, you must always consider about the upgrade needs before you choose any web host. If you will need more disk storage, processing power, memory and exceptional security features in the future as your business grows, the web host you choose should have room for upgrades.

What are your backup needs?

Site crashing and hard disk failure means you are doomed, unless you have a good backup provided by your host. Every webmaster needs a web host that regularly keeps the backup. Here are some questions that should be addressed:

  • Will you get full back up on regular basis?
  • Can you use control panel to create backup?
  • Are you free to create auto backup for your site?
  • Will you be able to restore the backup files?

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