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Configure your Outlook Profile in Outlook 365 Environment

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People setup Office 365 for both professional and personal proposes, and for smoothest migration of Outlook Profile in Outlook 365 Environment user has to follow some processes. These could be automatic or manual. Both of the methods have their own pros and cons. To create an Outlook profile automatically AutoDiscover service is used and for manual configuration user has to edit and all the required settings manually.

Here we will discuss manual ways to configure Outlook mail profile in Outlook 365 environment. To show the complete profile configuration we will use an email address and a domain name (Here we are using on Microsoft as a domain). Here are the details:

  • Public email Address:
  • Onmicrosoft Email address:

Follow the given steps to get onmicrosoft email address of the recipient

Login to Office 365 portal

  1. Go to menu and select users and groups
  2. Select the a user for whom you want to configure the Outlook profile
  3. Select more and go to the options ‘Edit Exchange Properties’

office 365 edit exchange_4

Select email address from the menu

Here you will see the entire recipient’s email address.

office 365 email address_1

Step 2: Using the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

By Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer you can review the steps the you need to implement to get the required information about the Exchange Online mail server.

2. 1 – Access the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

Open Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer on your browser and choose Office 365 tab and choose Outlook AutoDiscover option from the connectivity and select ‘Next’ option.

office 365 remote conectivity

2.2 – Enter Office 365 details

Now you have to provide the information about the recipient email address as well as credentials.

  • Email address: Type the recipient email address.
  • Microsoft account: Here you have to enter the Office 365 login name (UPN- user principal name).
  • Password: Enter a password for Office 365
  • Checkbox: check the option: “I understand that I must use the credentials of a working account from my exchange domain to be able to test the connectivity

office 365 outlook autodiscover

  • Verification: Type the above mentioned character and choose the verify option

office 365 verification

  • Next button: On the right bottom corner press the Perform test option button
2.3 – Find out the Exchange server name in the test results

This is the test result page which includes a detailed description of each of the steps of Outlook client during searching its Exchange server, now select ‘Expand All’,

office 365 expand

Now you will see two values in the test result

  • Server (appear in the search result as )
  • Public Folder server (appears in the search result as < PublicFolderserver >).

The values will look like the following image, note down them as well need both of them at the time of manual configuration of Outlook.

Here in this example

  • Server name
  • Public Folder server name is

office 365 server

Step 3: Manual configuration of Outlook Mail Profile in Office 365 Environment

Now here are the steps that are required for manual configuration of Outlook mail profile in an Office 365 environment

3.1 – Create a New Mail Profile

Let’s discuss the steps of manual configuration of Outlook mail profile

Go to Control Panel and select ‘Mail’ option and then ‘Add’ option, now provide a name for the mail profile and press ‘OK’ button.

office 365 mail

3.2 – Auto Connect

Select ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server’s types’

Click Next button

office 365 add account

3.3 – Choose a Service

Now, select Microsoft exchange or compatible service option

Press ‘Next‘ button

office 365 add account 2

3.4 – Server Settings

Write down the server name which you got in the former step here the name was

User name: Here enter Office 365 user UPN (user login name) not Office 365 recipient email address.

Do not select the ‘Check name‘ option otherwise your process will fail. Choose ‘Next‘, when you have completed all the required information.

office 365 add account 3

3.5 – More settings -> Security tab

Go to Security tab –>Select ‘Logon network security‘ and click ‘Anonymous authentication

office 365 security

3.6 – More settings -> connection tab

Go to ‘Connection’ tab

Chooose ‘Connect to Microsoft exchange using HTTP‘ from Outlook Anywhere section

Select ‘Exchange Proxy setting‘ option

office 365 microsoft exchange

3.7 – Exchange Proxy Settings

Connection settings

  • URL: Go to the section: use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange, and type the value of the ‘Public folder server’

Here the server name is:

Proxy Server: Select the check box ‘only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate‘ and type the value

Fast Networks: Select the option ‘on fast network, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP

Slow Networks: Go to the option ‘on slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP’

Proxy Authentication Settings:

Authentication settings: In ‘Use the authentication when connecting to my proxy server for exchange‘ select ‘Basic Authentication’

office 365 edit exchange proxy

3.8 – Server Setting

Complete all the required information and click ‘Next’ button

office 365 edit exchange server

3.9 – Authentication Pop out Window

Now the last step is a part of Office 365 user credentials. Here in the example

User login name (UPN) is:

Check the option ‘Remember my Credentials

office 365 windows security


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