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Developers and Admins – Allowing them to work as well co-ordinated teams

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The successful execution of a project is marked by the collaborative working of admins and developers. As a client, you need to ensure that both, the admin as well as the hired developer are maintaining a seamless communication regarding the requirements that need to be met for completing the project on time. Today, through this blog, I’ll be throwing some light on how the communication gap between the developers and admins can be reduced by taking some specific measures.

Developers and Admins

Why two tech teams are better than one?

With two technical teams working on a single project, you can expect better and faster execution of the respective project. The shared knowledge and experience of the admins and developers plays a vital role in preventing any security breaches that may take place during the course of project completion. 

Restricting developers’ admin right is crucial

As an attempt to ensure 100% security of the system, it is vital to dial down the total count of individuals who have been assigned the system administrator rights. The same applies to the developers as well. They need to be refrained from accessing some areas within the system, so as to boost their productivity. This should be done irrespective of whether the developer’s performance reduces after having restricted from accessing some system areas.

It’s time to realize that world where everyone is an administrator has disappeared

If you opting to outsource Android development or iPhone app development so, in order to eliminate the communication flaws between the developers and administrators, it is quite essential to realize the fact that the world where it was believed that everyone is an administrator actually doesn’t exist anymore. Also, it is mandatory for you to get acquainted with the fact that whatever is the solution for making developers and admins work collaboratively; it is undoubtedly not going to be as convenient as we think it to be. Here’s a list of some proven solutions that mark the successful work collaboration of developers and admins:

  1. Device a hassle-free authentication method which would be used for allowing access to individuals who have been allotted some specific types of rights. You may opt for installing a biometrics system, a smartcard or PIN number.
  1. You can choose to create a custom app service where the respective developer can easily request the elevated credentials for a particular area within the system; for a specific duration of time. Today, a large group of big companies have chosen this technique for exploring multiple opportunities in web development.
  1. You can opt for allotting two separate accounts to the developers. The first one can be the regular developer console account and the second one an admin account. Here, it is essential to ensure that the two accounts are accessible via two different computer systems. While the normal account could be used on the normal computer with the non-admin account; the admin account could be used on the locked down developer box. Also, it makes complete sense to network shunt the admin box so as to allow access only to the authorized resources. 
  1. You can modify the developer tasks and workflows so that he/she isn’t in the need for elevating to the administrator privileges all the time. Whether it’s about modifying the registry or seeking file permissions, you can alter the work plans of developers to eventually eliminate the need for elevation as a whole.
  1. If your developers are in the urgent need for accessing specific admin areas, then you can allow them to work as full admins on a local virtual instance wherein there’s no access available for the local network or the internet. By doing this, you can prevent the developers from making any unwanted changes to the admin areas and even let them enjoy the privilege of working as a system administrator.

Wrapping Up

With all the debates being held on improving the communication between development and system administrator teams, it is expected that positive changes would be introduced in the coming years. One issue that exists here is that the system administrator accounts are still the same for a majority of servers. This has prevented the system admins from fixing major security issues. Therefore, it is better to plan an approach that can ascertain the maintenance of a proper decorum between the developers and system administrators.

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