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Download AirDroid 3 Beta for Android and PC

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Download AirDroid 3 beta – is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android device from a web browser without cables!

AirDroid is one of the easiest tools to connect an Android device to your computer (Windows, OS X,…) and perform multiple tasks without touching the smartphone/tablet. Before you only can use AirDroid on PC with a browser, so the speed is sometimes not good, but in the new version 3.0 beta, you can install applications directly on Windows or OS X for a more complete experience.

The AirDroid on PC is not much like for the browser, but it includes most of the basic stuff such as sending and receiving SMS from PC, check call history, contacts, display a message of phone to the computer and transfer files from PC to Android (but not in reverse).

AirDroid 3 on Android also updated interface with lighter and more modern than the old version. On the main screen, the icons are now arranged in a grid should look better. All operations with AirDroid 3 is now encrypted!

Read more about AirDroid here.

AirDroid 3

How to download the AirDroid 3 Beta?

Download the APK file for Android:

Download the AirDroid for PC: Windows or OS X.
Here is the link for AirDroid 3 Beta on web:

Run AirDroid 3 Beta on PC and Android with your account (you can register a new account) and deny the latest updating when prompted (cause the APK of AirDroid 3 Beta that you have installed is the latest version).

What’s new in AirDroid 3:

The biggest update in AirDroid 3 is the native desktop clients: AirDroid Windows and AirDroid Mac features. Below are the major features in the desktop clients:

# AirMirror

  • Control Android from computer remotely, like Remote Desktop or VNC.
  • Launch an Android app remotely from it’s notification.

A typical use case: The phone receives a new Whatsapp message and the message is pushed to computer in real time. Click on the notification, and AirMirror will mirror the phone screen on computer, with Whatsapp launched and ready for you to respond to the message.

  • In the first version, AirMirror will work out of the box in a few pre-certified phones, but most phones will need to get rooted. AirDroid is working with major OEMs to make AirMirror work without rooting on more devices.

# End-to-End encryption (E2EE)

End-to-End encryption for all SMS, app notifications, contact data, account credentials and other sensitive data. E2EE makes it practically impossible for any 3rd party, including the government and the developer, to access the user data transferred via E2EE. It’s our commitment and priority to make AirDroid safer.

# File transfer:

  • Transfer files from computer to Android, Android to computer, Android to Android, on local connection or remote connection.
  • Transfer file folder from computer to Android.
  • Files transferred by remote connection will be available for download for 7 days, and then will be permanently deleted from cloud.

# SMS:

  • Receive and reply to SMS on computer.
  • Send group SMS.

# Call alerts:

  • Real-time notification of incoming calls.
  • Reject incoming calls, optionally with a canned quick response by SMS.
  • Accept incoming calls. Call talking is still on the phone, not on computer.

# Contact

  • View contacts and send SMS from contact list.

# Notification Mirror

  • Get real-time alert of phone notifications from any apps.
  • Silence individual or all app notifications.

Other updates:

  • Redesigned Android interface – The Android interface is redesigned to make it more intuitive, and also feels more “Android”, less iOS.
  • AirDroid Web – The update for AirDroid Web is mostly about bug fixes and stability improvements. AirDroid Web is still as important as Windows and Mac, and we’ll continue to invest heavily on it, but in AirDroid 3, we put more resources in creating the all new desktop clients.

Now just connect your devices and enjoy!

Source: AirDroid Blog

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