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FREE 18 Premium apps & games for Mac

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Get the premium apps and games for Mac FREE today! the list of them is including: Happy Herd – Pirate Adventure, Mosaic, English Listening, Topologic, iFlicks, LastPass Premium, Alpine Trail, Cyber-Chicken, Numi, Freemote -Télécommande pour Freebox, PhotoSweeper, Trionix, Pahelika Revelations HD, Americans VS Aliens, Dolphins 3D, BombSquad, Screen-Recorder. Recommended reading: Free 28 Premium Android apps & games.

free premium games for mac

Here is the list for you:

Happy Herd: Pirate Adventure ($0.99)

Comes to you a joyful and funny game that will make you fully enjoy and engage addictively.

Dive into this refreshing and exciting adventure where this nice herd of friends will take you across the sea, jungle and desert.

Your mission: Rescue your friends from the hands of the evil pirates who want to take over your treasures. For that, you must eliminate all the troops of the evil captain. Get it here

Mosaic ($19.99)

“Mosaic” is the more refined sibling to our blockbuster “Photo Mosaic” app. It only uses color, and artists love the subtle results that Mosaic can achieve. 

The classic mosaic is an image assembled from small pieces of colored stone, glass, ceramic or other materials. Creating a mosaic is an art that has been around for millennia in almost any culture. The ancient Persians loved them, as did the Romans, and the Greeks. Mosaics never have lost their appeal, and in modern times new subforms of mosaic have emerged. Get it here

English Listening ($2.99)

This app is great for any beginner or intermediate student of English. Also is the No 1 App in Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Senegal, Croatia, Kuwait, Burkino Faso, Nigeria, Nepal, Angola, Macedonia, Algeria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Belarus. Get it here

Topologic ($2.99)

Topologic is a simple application that allows you to view different primitive polytopes in three to seven dimensions. Get it here

iFlicks ($9.99)

Using iFlicks you can easily import your Video Collection into iTunes. This gives you the ability to watch your Videos directly in iTunes or transfer them to your Apple TV, iPad, iPod or iPhone. On top of that iFlicks downloads Metadata for your Videos and lets you tweak the Metadata manually. Managing your Video Collection in iTunes has never been this easy.

iFlicks provides a complete set of features to import and organize your video files in iTunes, while offering a gorgeous Mac-like UI. Get it here

LastPass Premium ($6.00)

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that securely stores your passwords, generates strong passwords, and logs in to your online accounts for you. With the premium upgrade, you can use LastPass on all your mobile devices, too. Get it here

Alpine Trail ($1.99)

Alpine Trail will take you to your limits. In Alpine Trail, ten of the highest mountains of the world challenge you to conquer them in retro style – and you need to survive the battle against nature and wildlife while climbing up. Get it here

Cyber-Chicken ($1.99)

An army of dedicated PC chicken hunters succeeded! Our planet is free of the terrible chicken plague… or at least, it was. Now a new danger looms on the horizon, and this time, it comes from the infinite depths of space…

They’re back! Cyber chickens from outer space are threatening our planet. You see, they want to avenge their earthly brothers… Get it here

Numi ($9.99)

Numi magically combines calculations with text, and allows you to share computations with other Numi users. Download it today and see why Lifehacker says: “It’s very cool and makes simple, common calculations very easy and fun.” Get it here

Freemote: Télécommande pour Freebox ($0.99)

Freemote is an application for Mac very easy to use since it emulates the remote of your Freebox (HD, v5 or Revolution). Taking the design of the Free remote control, you will have access all these features from your computer and be able to control your box! Practical! Get it here

Trionix ($2.99)

Trionix, the space themed triangle game of strategy and skill. The object is simple, claim as many of the triangle board spaces as you can,  the winner is the player with the most pieces. Get it here

PhotoSweeper Lite: Remove duplicate photos in iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom ($4.99)

PhotoSweeper Lite (a lightweight version of PhotoSweeper) helps you to get rid of duplicate photos. It works with photos from iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom libraries, as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages. It allows you to find and group photos that have identical content or very similar, regardless of name. Get it here

Americans VS Aliens ($1.99)

Drive your auto geared Humvee around town and hunt down these space aliens before they take over our star system.These monsters deserve all your attention, Drive fast and escape the big Alien spraying dirt in its face. Get it here

PDF to Text Converter Expert ($4.99)

PDF to Text Converter Expert can export the text contents from a PDF document into editable text formats, preserving the layout. After conversion, you can easily edit or reuse the PDF content in other applications. Get it here

BombSquad ($4.99)

Laugh gleefully as you land a perfectly-thrown sticky-bomb squarely on an opponent’s face, freeze them with an ice bomb and shatter them to bits with a punch, or just pick them up and toss them off a nearby cliff. BombSquad’s rag doll physics based gameplay ensures that every confrontation leads to a unique (and often hilarious) outcome. Get it here

Dolphins 3D ($1.99)

Dive into the deep ocean with no aqualung and swim with the dolphins, without leaving your computer! With Dolphins 3D, your desktop will be transformed into a porthole to spy on the underwater world. You’ve never experienced this before. Get it here

Screen-Recorder ($0.99)

Screen-Recorder is a Screen Recorder for Mac OS X, the screen recorder can help you capture screen to MOV video, also support capture sound (one mov file). Added capture mouse and highlight mouse clicks function. Get it here

Pahelika Revelations HD ($3.99)

Fresh from his success in obtaining the magic book Pahelika, Sudesh Budkoti thought he would be getting some well earned rest. He thought wrong. Not only was he not about to get any rest, he would be called upon to save the world from an ancient evil he himself had unleashed… Get it here

Hope you enjoy with the free apps & games!

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