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Free 28 Premium Android apps & games

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Get the premium Android apps and games for FREE today! the list of theme is including: PolyClock World Clock; Patch’s Path; Liturgischer Kalender; Makeup Studio; Puzzle Oskolki Heart; StarBright (Apex, Nova, ADW, Go); Appulse; Grover ki Antariksh Yatra-2; Circus Peanut; Guitar Legend: Be a Rock Hero; LastPass Premium; SN Touren-App; htmleditor; Alpha Aura (Apex Launcher); Find Phone SMS; Mr Frog The Neighbours Dog; Over; getDrunker; Premier Picks – Soccer Cards; Drop’n’Jump; Zafiri; 3D Pirate Ship; Snapshart fart; Bandera republicana; Panic Fingers Premium; Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank; SlimeSmash. Recommended reading: Free 18 Premium apps & games for Mac.

Free premium Android games

Here is the list for you:

PolyClock World Clock ($2.99)

PolyClock easily lets you save favorite cities to the app’s home screen. Choose virtually any city in the world or select for any timezone. You can save as many cities as you wish. The city and time are displayed in clear, large text, with white letters for AM and green letters for PM. Get it here

Alpha Aura (Apex Launcher) ($1.99)

This theme is compatible with most Android hardware. It has 60 icons and a iconback, iconupon, and an iconmask, so your icons will be themed if i have added them or not. It works with Apex Launcher. This theme has a very cool wallpapers as well. Get it here

Patch’s Path ($1.06)

Help Patch get to the finish line in this puzzle-adventure game. Be careful, once Patch get’s moving forward, he can’t turn back! Get it here

Liturgischer Kalender ($4.69)

Basis of the Liturgischer Kalender of the General Roman Calendar as well as the regional calendar for the German language area; then the information is designed on the front pages of the calendar with additional notes on readings and Gospels, Psalms, canonical hours, name days and observances. On the backs of the gospel is offered on Sundays and public holidays. Prayer intentions of the Pope, thoughts, aphorisms of great thinkers, theologians and saints of past and present take the reader through the day and year. Get it here

StarBright (Apex, Nova, ADW, Go) ($0.99)

Star Bright is a excellent theme for Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, Go, and Next Launchers. It comes with 100 icons. Star Bright also comes with one very cool wallpaper. Get it here

Makeup Studio ($0.99)

Makeup Studio lets you create tons of different looks. Go from glamorous to rock to gothic, it’s up to you! Create your look using a wide variety of lipstick, eyebrows, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliners, eyelashes and more!! The possibilities are endless with Makeup Studio as you can create thousands of different makeup styles! Get it here

Appulse ($0.99)

War has broken out on Earth. An unusual new weapon has just been developed that will undoubtedly turn the tide of the war. That weapon, known as Appulse, is designed to control the location of the Moon. Get it here

Guitar Legend: Be a Rock Hero ($1.99)

Download the best guitar hero style game, test your skills playing the guitar and follow the rhythm of the music.  Enjoy hours of fun in the career mode playing in a tour around the world, buy new guitars and customize your character. Get it here

Grover ki Antariksh Yatra-2 ($1.00)

Help Grover reach the moon. Perform tasks like building his spaceship using shapes, performing number operations to blast asteroids out of the way, and filling craters on the moon! Get it here

Puzzle Oskolki Heart ($0.99)

Develops fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, patience, exactness. Teaches how to use non-standard approach to achieve these objectives.
Using this application, adhesive tape, scissors and paper creates the real object. Get it here

Circus Peanut ($0.99)

Meet Peanut, a circus performer looking to break the world record for the Flying Cannon act. Help Peanut and his friends reach new heights while avoiding obstacles along the way. Unlock different characters and backgrounds. Get it here

LastPass Premium ($6.00)

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that securely stores your passwords, generates strong passwords, and logs in to your online accounts for you. With the premium upgrade, you can use LastPass on all your mobile devices, too. Get it here

SN Touren-App ($5.99)

The basis of the Salzburg messages tours app provides a zoomable, topographic outdoor map in scale 1: 25,000. The card is available online and can also be downloaded. The cards can be used separately from the tour database anywhere in the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alps space for positioning and navigation tour. The heart of the application consists of a large, ever growing tour dates thanks. Hiking, winter and cycling can be selected according to different criteria. Get it here

htmleditor ($1.00)

This a tool which helps you to create web files like .html,.css,.js and more.Using this application you can create,edit and save them in your mobile phones and can also directly upload to the webservers.It saves the time and reduces complexity of a web developer. Get it here

Find Phone SMS ($1.99)

Find Your Phone with Find Phone SMS! Find Phone SMS scans incoming SMS messages for a user-specified trigger word or phrase; when found, an alarm sounds. Get it here

getDrunker ($0.99)

This is a native Android port of the same named title for iOS. The content and images were provided by the author, Kyung Park, to create this version so that Android users can also enjoy the fun and excitement of creating alcoholic beverages. Get it here

Over ($1.99)

Premium outdoor bi-monthly magazine. Topics: travel, photography, mountain climbing, hiking, winter sports, caving, cross country running, sailing, diving, rowing, cycling, fitness and yoga. All cultural and geographical curiosities seasoned, with program guide, presentation of news, tests complete, high-quality image impressions. Get it here

Premier Picks – Soccer Cards ($1.38)

Premier Picks is a fun and addictive card based soccer game, that’s easy and exciting to play! With a selection of cards and some random reveals, every soccer game is different. Do you have what it takes to take your soccer team to the top of domestic and European football? Get it here

Mr Frog The Neighbours Dog ($0.99)

“Mr Frog, the Neighbours Dog” is a brilliantly funny and entertaining children’s interactive story and activity book. Featuring funny animated cartoon characters and a great story combined with lots of games and tasks which will keep your kids entertained time and time again. This App provides a great way to promote reading in young children and keep them engaged with the variety of touch screen tasks as you progress through the story. Get it here

Bandera republicana ($1.29)

The flag of the Second Spanish Republic, official teaches Spain in the period between 1931 and 1939, is a horizontal tricolor flag consists of the colors red, yellow and purple, with the upper band of red, the color central and the third yellow purple, three of the same width. Take as emblazoned on the center of the yellow stripe coat of the Second Spanish Republic. Get it here

Drop’n’Jump ($1.00)

In the harsh world of future robots are desperate to work in warehouses and factories, until the day they sent to a junkyard. However there is a hope when one of the robots of the new model has decided to lead the resistance and call a rally against the three rules of robotics and declare a strike. Greedy owners of the warehouse are afraid to spread the strike. They decided to flood the robot with water from a nearby river by blowing up the dam. Get it here

3D Pirate Ship ($0.99)

The beautiful live wallpapers for Android! Get it here

Zafiri ($1.21)

Zafiri is a browser that focuses on the essential features such as bookmarks, ease of use and speed. The intelligent cache guarantees fast page loading and gets only what is really needed. This protects the data volume and immediately saves you money. Get it here

Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank ($0.99)

The scanner analyzes your friends fingerprint and tells them if they’re pregnant or not. The fun part? The scanner always gives them a ‘pregnant’ result, and will always give you a ‘not pregnant’ result (because you know where the secret button is – shhh). Get it here

Snapshart fart ($0.99)

The best fart pranking app! Give it a try, get snapsharted! With Snap Shart Fart you snap a photo of yourself or your friends and get snapsharted. After you take a picture of yourself it will show you your picture and play a fart sound prank your friends with this app. Works best when the volume is turned up on your device. Get it here

Panic Fingers Premium ($0.99)

Panic Fingers is a small game package which will give you a brain storm mixed with quick memory, color & shape identification and quick response. Use your right brain every day to inspire your infinite potential. Get it here

SlimeSmash ($0.99)

By moving the bombs targeted the player must always at least three same-colored bombs in a row push together. As a result, explode the bombs and disappear from the board. Get it here

Hope you enjoy with the ; apps & games!

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