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Obi Alligator: 5 Reason to buy

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Obi has brought in an overload of vibrancy and design professionalism with its Hornbill S555 smartphone. There is yet another colourful product on sale referred to as Alligator S454, the MRP price of the phone is Rs 7,990 and the market operating cost is Rs 6,450.

Like Hornbill S555, Alligator S454 has the sparkling effect to hit a wide consumer market and it is a devise that is worth the purchase, and let’s browse through 5 reasons that makes it strikingly desirable at first sight.

Obi Alligator


Obi Alligator is a professionally designed slender affordable smartphone, and anyone who owns the phone will get positive and happy vibes. It is a light weighted phone and easy on the palm, it weighs 120g and measures 133×66.6×8.20. It is a touchscreen devise with a removable battery.


The screen resolution power of Obi Alligator is admirable, with 540×960 pixel capacity. The enriched viewing experience is contributed by the capacitive touchscreen and the screen size is 4.50.


Obi Alligator is equipped with 1.3GHz quad core processor, engineered with MT6582 MediaTek technology. Its interior storage capacity is 8GB and RAM output is 1GB. Users can download and browse through a number of apps for hours on it, contributed by the additional exterior storage space of 32GB contributed by the microSD card.


The camera capturing power of Obi Alligator is pretty decent, taking into account that it is a reasonably priced devise and falls into the low budget smartphone bracket. It has a 2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera with flash, Alligator does not have high-end camera technology, but it is ideal to just capture surroundings and the quality of the image is satisfactory enough to have a good time with family and friends.


Obi Alligator functions on an advanced Android 4.4.4 operating system, it is stuffed with first rate technology employed in high-tech devises of the 21st century, and to support this statement it has flash and Java support.

Obi Alligator has proficient technology and features, ideal for those who desire high value at reasonable price. Let’s now summarize some of the amazing characteristics and apps of the phone. The brand value of Obi in India is flourishing, and it is now a booming figure of the smartphone industry, The primary exclusiveness of Obi Alligator is the enriching and multi-hued 4.5 inch qHD display, and consumers can soak into marvellous enrichment at a throw away price of Rs 6,450. The low budget smartphone industry is growing at an equivalent pace to the high-end phone market and Obi Alligator can be effectively used for business and recreational purposes, now let’s dwell into the daily usage power of the phone.

Proficient and convenient camera: The camera technology of Obi Alligator offers fun-filled capturing moments contributed by qHD playback and recording. Its 2MP front camera and 8MP auto focus, is engineered with optimum capturing power and churns out images that be uploaded on social media and it can also be preserved as lifetime memories. It is a perfect device to engage in captivating selfie moments.

Perfect for corporate:

Consumers can download a range of apps with Obi Alligator contributed by the innovative 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. It is a well-suited devise for business professionals, it has splendid visually appealing and efficient graphs and also the downloading and browsing process happens swiftly. There is an extra 1GB RAM on handset to facilitate faster data processing and improved versatility.

Dual SIM phone:

Obi Alligator supports two SIMs, which is venerable for a phone in the low budget bracket. A lot of savings go into buying the phone and the dual SIM facility enhances the convenience factor by two fold, users do not have to bear the front of owning two phones, and two numbers can be stored on each SIM and very little hassle is involved while transferring from one SIM to another.

Potent operating system:

The phone is equipped with the powerful Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system that supports a multitude of features. It has Hangout app, and it is the perfect place for friends and families to get into the chat mood, and the usage experience is among the best in its class, it has a fully immersive screen, OK Google feature and automatic contact prioritisation.

A range of fun apps:

Obi Alligator is packed with series of apps, it is sold with pre loaded Apps Obi, the convenience levels of using the phone is top class contributed by the Truecaller app that finds and stores unsaved numbers, and there is the Hungama app to engage in soothing music.

Obi has conquered the budget smartphone industry with its Alligator and Hornbill devises. It’s most sought after domestic rival is Micromax, the 4.5 inch screen size of Alligator has a screen display that is among the most vibrant in its segment. It is packed with multiple layers of colours from top to bottom, and the owners will surely feel on top of the world. It is the perfect devise for those who yearn to soak into a world of colours.

The nature of design and visually appealing display is splendid to an extent that users will not even get the feeling of owning a high-end phone. The tall slender design built makes it convenient to carry out, and anyone who views the devise and knows nothing about it will be impressed. .

Obi Alligator is among the most reasonable budget phones in the market, which places it in the most competitive bracket. There is yet another smartphone introduced with the same price tag called Micromax Bolt cell. Going by the features of Alligator Obi is soon going to empower the smartphone industry and is an influential source of inspiration. It is a well-suited platform for the improvement of mobile connectivity in the country.

Those who are keen on Obi Alligator it is a noteworthy purchase to explore top end features and technology at a valuable price and the experience is nothing but inspiring and elevating.

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