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Why one should not worry about future of mainframes

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Mainframes can be defined as the systems or devices that are used by large organizations for processing of complex applications. IBM is the first company that introduced mainframes and the demand of mainframe has drastically increased in the recent years. It has become essential to learn mainframe technologies to meet the need of today’s competitive business industry. There are a number of companies that provide mainframe services and are managed by their Data Center. The experts of those companies have vast experience in technology platforms. The business requirements are structured in a different way with world class business tools.


What is the need to integrate mainframe into mainstream

There is a great need of integrating mainframe into the mainstream due to a number of compelling benefits for organizations as well as concerned staffs. The increasing popularity of mainframes and virtual machines can support hundreds of devices virtually. It can suit all the applications very well that might be hosted on other platforms and servers. The mainframe is a very cost effective technology and reduces the cost of organization to a great extent. It acts as a centralized environment to a distributed environment. There are a number of other technologies developed for distributed environment for addressing major issues. It is estimated that more than 75% of the world’s data is known to reside on the mainframe. Nearly 80% of the business transactions are carried out on mainframes. The business service disruptions are reduced, as they are on a distributed platform.

Current market trends

The current trend in the market is migrating projects from one platform to the other. More than half of the organizations tun majority of their applications on mainframes. But, one should remember that threats are also increasing due to the distributed environment. There are a number of companies and professionals who are unethical towards their work and crack the secured code to steal important data from these organizations. Large companies are always on the target as they contain valuable data. Different organizations and vendors strive to optimize the architecture of their company to increase their flexibility and reduce complexity. When organizations adopt the method of distributed technology and choose mainframe management, the entire IT structure can be said to be managed in a single infrastructure.

Candle Corporation is one of the leading makers of software for managing mainframes and is going to be acquired by IBM. Aubrey Chernick, CEO of candle Corporation says that Candle’s software can manage mainframes that run on Windows, Linux and Unix very well. It is of great advantage for customers who build applications with pieces by sitting across multiple platforms and need to switch quickly.

Today, organizations believe that single mainframe can reduce the cost of maintaining multiple servers across the globe. If you want to read more about mainframe technologies, an advanced search on Google will provide you as much as information. Mainframe training can certainly prove beneficial to aspirants who want to do challenging jobs in IT industry. It is expected that within a few years, all the organizations adopt mainframe technology and the number of job opportunities will increase.

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