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6 Top Tips for Live Event Web Videography

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You’ve only got one chance when you’re shooting a live event, whether it’s a fashion show or a corporate product launch. You can’t ask the models to strut down the catwalk again because you missed one of the outfits, or the CEO to re-run the start of his speech because you were focused on the audience. Event videography is challenging, but it is immensely rewarding when you get it right. Here are some ideas for getting it right first time.

Event videography

1. Check Out the Venue

If you can go to rehearsals of the fashion show or concert, attend them to see how the event is going to be organized. Note which shots you cannot miss, and when. If you can’t go to rehearsals then scope out the venue by working out where to position yourself, when you are going to be filming, and what the lighting will be like. Make sure that you are familiar with who is organizing the event so that you can get in touch with them if you need any assistance with technicalities. 

2. Get There Early

Arrive with enough time to double-check everything, talk to the organizers about any last-minute changes to the plans, and set up your equipment without stress. Arriving early also allows you to shoot the set-up or some establishing shots that can fit in around the main event when you edit the footage.

3. Using Multiple Cameras

Make sure that the cameras are the same brand with the same settings, and that each camera operator understands what they are filming so you don’t get duplicate footage when it comes to editing. If you are not going to be editing the footage yourself, make sure that the material includes footage from all angles so that the production company has enough to work with. For Web video production London offers a range of options – make sure that you choose a professional company that is able to work within your budget and to meet your expectations.

4. Film Widely

The main event is your main focus, but don’t forget to cover other aspects of the event such as crowd reaction, backstage shots, detail of the production crew setting up the stage or taking it down, or interviews with people after the event. This is why you need more than one camera – you won’t be able to keep up with it all if you are the only camera operator at the gig. 

5. Film Unobtrusively

You are not being paid to take part in the event, so stay unobtrusive and don’t create an impact for the wrong reasons. Don’t block the audience’s view, or appear at the side of the stage in a spotlight. Dress conservatively in dark clothes, be quick to get your footage when you are moving between the action, and make use of appropriate vantage points so you can be as unobtrusive as possible.

6. Get the Sound Right

Keep checking the sound situation, particularly if the event is long, as you don’t want to discover the next day that the cables were unplugged halfway through. Correct any sound issues as you set up and practice your shots. 

Remember that you are not there simply to capture the event. Shoot the reaction of the guests as well. The close ups are bound to provide with several options during editing. For stable hand held job, zoom out lens approaching the subject physically. This will add depth into the shot and prevent errors in focus.

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