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How and Where to Advertise Your Business

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In the process of setting up a business, one of the most important things which will arise is advertising. How to advertise your business, where to advertise your business and the most effective ways of advertising your business will come into your mind, and you’ll have to think of some creative and effective advertising ideas. Of course, a start-up business rarely has a lot of money to use for advertising, and it’s unlikely that it’s taking up a huge part of your budget. Here are some places and methods you might like to think about. 

Online Business

Social media

Social media is by far one of the best platforms to use in order to advertise your website. By setting up a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Reddit profile and Instagram for your business, not only does it make it look very professional and modern, but it also allows many more people to connect with your business. Even people who don’t live in the same area as your business or even in the same country will be able to connect with you. You just never know what might come from advertising your business to the entire world of social media. Alongside your social media profiles, you should make sure that your business has a professional website with good SEO. You can either do this yourself or enlist the help of companies like MajesticSEM who can provide MajesticSEM local SEO services. 

Keep it cheap

Don’t bother with paying for ads in the newspaper or on the television, since these will cost too much at first. Advertisements in newspapers aren’t overly expensive compared to the likes of TV ads, but they will still take up a lot of your budget, nonetheless. At first, make a list of all the free ways that you could advertise your business, such as social media as mentioned above and any other websites which would allow you to list your business, such as Craigslist. Get chatting to other people, either offline or online, and they’re likely to give you some brilliant ideas.


It’s not free when you think about the printing and the time it takes to deliver leaflets (or the wages of paying someone to deliver them for you), but it’s certainly cheap and can be quite effective. As long as you stick to the area that your business is situated, you might pick up a couple of loyal customers from an afternoon of leafleting. This isn’t something that you should do on a regular basis, but once a year or so you might like to send out a newsletter or leaflet to all the neighbouring houses, just to remind them that your business still exists!

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