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Fascinating Technology News

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Technology is growing at a very fast rate each and every day. There have been numerous advancements in technologies over the years that have made the world a better place for most people. This is because technology has made work easier and also made certain things that were not possible in the past very possible today. However, with every new release, there is always someone, somewhere who gets challenged and wants to come up with something better. It is therefore safe to say that we have not yet seen the best of technology. The best is yet to come.

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News on Cyber Security

Technology has very many advantages for a lot of people. Aubrey Chernick, the chair person of the Candle Corp. for example has benefited very much from technology. He is credited for creating the company’s first monitor that offered great performance. This was the OMEGAMON monitor. His company has grown over the years thanks to technology and he has managed to make millions form it. However, as much as technology is advancing, so is insecurity. The advancement in technology has made cyber security very minimal. On January 10th 2015, US president Barrack Obama said that he will be giving some ideas on how to improve the security and privacy of individuals when it comes to cyber activities. This goes to show that the issue has become very serious. The ideas according to sources will be revealed on 20th January 2015.

Open Letter Regarding Technology

Also among the recent technology news is the fact that scientist all over the world have agreed to sign an open letter regarding technology. This open letter is a form of agreement that makes each and every scientist agree that they will not come up with any invention that may go out of control or may be difficult for humans to control. The open letter information was made active on January 11th. This letter is according to experts is supposed to put scientific research and technological advancement in control.

Technological Advancements in the Medical Field

Technology in the medical field is also improving day by day. There have been many technological advancement that have gone a long way in helping humans deal with some of the disorders and diseases. On January 11 2015, it was announced that a new implant that is flexible may work in enabling paralyzed individuals to walk. This implant was tried on rats in the year 2014 and it worked. The scientists responsible for the invention of the e-Dura implant believe it is ready to be tried on humans. This implant is supposed to be implanted into the brain under the dura matter. It is probably one of the best inventions so far and everyone is hoping it works for paralyzed individuals.

In conclusion, technology is a great gift to humans. It has made life better for a lot of people and has greatly improved the knowledge of human beings. Every single day scientists all over the world read more, do research and experiments to come up with new inventions. This is why there is always something new each day and as the days go by, technology gets better and better.

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