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HideIPVPN – Your One-Click Solution to Internet Anonymity

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During the previous set of events that shook the world of internet and made almost every internet user become a bit confused about their privacy and security, did you ever think of using a VPN — Virtual Private Network Tunneling is a commonly used technology to protect internet browsing data from external observers, including ISPs & surveillances out there, by means of redirecting the whole internet traffic to VPN servers first and then transferring it to the actual web servers — service? If you value your privacy and want to make your activities secure, particularly those activities that involve the transfer of confidential information such as bank account details, you might have thought of buying one, and HideIPVPN will have been in the list of services you might have come across. Indeed, considering the immense level of popularity that HideIPVPN has grabbed, it should be in every top-VPN-services list out there, as the service offers a lot such as an impressive user interface, affordable plans etc. Now, in this article, however, in order to let you have a clearer idea about this popular VPN service, we will have a brief yet comprehensive review of HideIPVPN, in the form of answering some questions that you might have. And, we shall start our endeavor by answering the first question.

What’s HideIPVPN?

We repeat, HideIPVPN is a VPN Tunneling solution, in simpler words. By installing the corresponding tools/ following proper tutorials that are available in the support section of the website, you’ll be able to use HideIPVPN in almost every device you have, let it be computers, Smartphones, routers, gaming consoles and lots more. Recalling what we have said earlier, HideIPVPN offers a truly impressive user interface that anyone can get easily accustomed to. Now, we should check out the noticeable advantages of using HideIPVPN in your devices, and why should you do that.

HideIPVPN setting

Why to use HideIPVPN?

Despite the fact that the whole purpose of HideIPVPN can be compressed in the single statement, encryption of your internet traffic, some of the noticeable advantages of the service in practical aspect are as follows.

  • It hides your IP Address: Doesn’t it sound great? Well, yeah, you can use HideIPVPN to hide your actual IP which is the unique identification mark of your device when connected to the internet and have an IP that can appear to be from another country, say the UK, US or Canada [according to your own convenience].
  • Secures Your Connection: As we said earlier, HideIPVPN uses a tight level of encryption that ranges from 128 to 2048bit to ensure the internet connection between your device by tunneling traffic through a secure VPN server.
  • Anonymous Internet Browsing is another use of HideIPVPN, because your actual identity will not be shared if you have enabled HideIPVPN on your device. So, if you think your activities may create some consequences, you should think of HideIPVPN soon.

HideIPVPN applications

  • Break Restrictions: Use of HideIPVPN can help you transcend geographical boundaries within internet. As it’s possible for you to change your identity to appear to be one from another country, you can access websites that are restricted to US, UK or other specific regions. Also, if some VoIP apps are blocked, you can unblock them as well.

How is it to use HideIPVPN?

In light of our experience with HideIPVPN for Windows, we were nothing but impressed! HideIPVPN has brought one extremely simple at the same time highly productive tool that can let you connect your Windows-based computer to a VPN network of HideIPVPN within a matter of a few seconds. In order to connect, you will have to select the desired VPN protocol, desired web server and desired country and hit the ‘Connect’ button in such a way that you can get a device connected to the VPN server without any trouble. Talking about productive future, application shutdown is one of the notable ones. Using the feature, you will be able to shut down a specific application if there is an issue in VPN connection between your PC and servers. Altogether, we really loved the process of using HideIPVPN and we would suggest it to all our readers if you are looking for a simpler solution to enable VPN connection in your PC. It has to be noted however that despite the dedicated connection wizard, HideIPVPN has published top-notch tutorials that will help users to connect almost every device of theirs to internet using VPN technology, let that be an Android-powered Smartphone, Linux-based PC or anything else.

HideIPVPN connection

Plans and Pricing

Indeed, plans of HideIPVPN are truly affordable at the same time reasonable. Since they have created the plans with respect to availability of VPN servers and VPN protocols, it is a matter of seconds for users to select what they want. In addition, it has to be noted that all plans of HideIPVPN offer unlimited bandwidth and there are no shots of speed cutoffs.

Our Verdict

Combining our opinion in all these sections, HideIPVPN is indeed a great option when you need a minimalistic way to ensure your internet connection.

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