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Why Magento is Most Preferable E-commerce Platform?

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Competition in the online marketplace keeps on increasing continuously and it has become a tedious task for the entrepreneurs to establish an e-commerce store successfully. Updated information and the latest technology are among the major requirements to run the business in today’s rapidly changing market trends. For setting up an online shopping store, the merchants need a powerful e-commerce platform and a team of professional web developers. Above 200 e-commerce platforms are available today for e-commerce web development and choosing the right one from this list, is little hard. The issue of selecting the best web development platform ever has been resolved through this post, so read it and start your business today. 

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Magento is giving a new direction to the e-commerce industry and the web developers around the globe prefer it the most due to its magnificent features. Whatever functionality and designs the entrepreneurs want to get include in their e-commerce stores, Magento satisfies the customers’ needs. The availability of extensions helps to increase efficiency and visual appearance of an online store. These extensions make the stores unique and advanced, so that success in the online marketplace is assured. Magento web development is a proven approach of building robust and scalable online shopping stores. This leading content management system comes with superb features that can be integrated into the shopping stores for getting optimal results and enhancement in the web presence.

Some interesting facts based on Magento e-commerce platform 

Magento is the most sought platform in terms of flexibility and security it provides to the shopping stores. There is a minimal possibility of the malicious attacks and hacking activities on Magento based stores. Due to this extreme secure environment, it has been listed at the top in the list of all e-commerce platforms. Some interesting facts that increase the demand of Magento e-commerce development service at the global level have been outlined as follows:

  • 240,000+ online stores are using it currently
  • Engaged community of above 800,000 users
  • More than 6,400 extensions for enhanced functionality
  • Used by 292,378 websites
  • Holds the market share of 27.09% (top-ranked one million Alexa websites)
  • The word “Magento” has more search volume than “e-commerce” over the Internet as revealed by Google.
  • Magento is downloaded and installed more than 5,000 times per day

A plenty of free templates and designs are provided by Magento that make custom Magento development absolutely easy and simple. Several thumb rules must be considered when it comes to designing the online e-commerce stores using Magento platform.

Reason Why Magento is Most Preferable E-commerce Platform 

Magento is powered by a wide range of fantastic features that help create shopping stores in accordance with exact requirements of the business and emerging market trends. The various reasons that indicate why only go for Magento e-commerce web development have been illustrated as follows:

Magento e-commerce web development

Higher conversion rates and flexibility

Magento extension allows modifying or adding a new feature into the online shopping stores with ease, which in turn makes it a flexible e-commerce platform. Magento based stores generate optimal traffic and leads, providing improvement in the conversion rates.

Diverse options of Payment Gateway

Among all the known e-commerce platforms, Magento is the only one that provides support for more than 50 payment gateways.

Manage multiple stores

This functionality of Magento is highly suited for the online merchants, who are running multiple online stores. It facilitates them to manage different stores through a single admin panel. In fact, Magento provides a better control to the online retailers and it becomes a simple task to add or update the list of products. 

Proper reporting of the website 

Integrating Google Analytics into the online store and analyzing its overall performance is one of the matchless features of Magento. Magento e-commerce development allows preparation of the reports related to sales, tax and shopping carts. 

Promotional tools for marketing

The availability of various promotional tools such as multi-tier pricing, Up sells, Free shipping, etc. helps to increase productivity of the online e-commerce stores effectively and eases marketing of the products.

The various statistics & above-mentioned reasons reveal the importance of Magento e-commerce web development service to get standards and feature-rich online shopping stores. Also, these reasons give a clear answer of the question why opt only Magento e-commerce platform for building the shopping stores. 

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