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Premium or Free WordPress Themes – Which One You Should Choose?

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WordPress is becoming the ‘de facto standard’ for most of the site owners for websites creation. What makes this open-source content management system so popular among site owners is because of the ease it provides in creating and maintaining a site – through its easy to use admin panel. Besides, you can create a site within seconds by installing a pre-built WP theme.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are available as both premium (or paid) and free themes. The premium WP themes are available in the form of free downloads and paid versions. Most of us like to choose things that are available as freebies, the same is the case with WordPress themes. People generally choose a free WP template over a premium one, especially small business owners or start-ups opt for a template that can be downloaded for free. But there are some individuals who instead prefer a premium theme than choosing a free one.

The choice whether you should choose a free or a paid template is influenced by factors such as budget and time. Moreover, the decision on whether to pick a free or paid theme requires you to have a basic understanding of both theme categories. However, according to online research that most of the people buy premium WordPress themes as they provide a certain level of guarantee for returning true value for money.

WordPress Theme

Let’s have a look at some of the potent reasons why premium themes are preferred more than free themes.

  • Free WordPress themes are no doubt a cost-effective choice for small businesses. However, these themes are used commonly by several users, and it’s not surprising to see some other business entity using the same theme WP theme like yours. And thus, you will have to opt for WordPress theme Customization and pull in funds for your project. So, if you don’t have a big budget for your project, it is advisable that you should buy a premium WordPress theme – this will give a better solution with a guaranteed professional product.
  • Unlike free WP themes, premium themes come pre-installed with necessary plugins and widgets including social media plugins, RSS feeds and multimedia functionality to name a few.
  • While premium themes have a superior and clean code, in contrary, free themes generally contain faulty codes. Other than that, most of the paid theme developers offer round-the-clock support. On the other hand, choosing free WordPress themes won’t necessarily let you get personalized support system.
  • Purchasing a premium WP theme may help you save a bucket load of time in designing and then building websites with needed features and functions.


If you have made up your mind on purchasing a premium WordPress theme, you should first research and find reputable theme marketplaces – that are highly recognized for selling the most popular WP themes. But if you can’t find any theme fit for your website project, it is better to customize your existing site theme or build a new one – tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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