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How to reap the most from A SEO Conference

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Each year there are a number of conferences organized for experts in the fast growing SEO industry. SEO Conferences can be free or paid webinars where experts share knowledge on the latest strategies in the industry. Others may be whole day events, where entry fees are quite exorbitant. Whichever you attend, you want to reap the most benefits from attending a SEO conference in order to power your business to the next level. You might find the following tips quite helpful.

SEO Conference

Network and Build Relationships

A SEO conference is one of those opportunities where you have some of the best minds in the industry under one roof. It will be quite a waste of time and money if you leave the venue without reaching out to other attendants. If possible, try to find out about some of the most prolific attendees and guest speakers. Have a plan on how you are making contact with them. You do not want to stop there. Having made contact with some potential partners at the SEO conference, plan your next move, this can include collaborating on a future project or service exchange. Your key objectives should be to build relationships from the SEO Conference. 

Prepare a Pitch and Be Ready to Meet a Potential Client

Besides industry experts, a SEO conference may also attract people who are interested in hiring the services of a SEO expert. Hence it is always wise to have your script or pitch ready in case someone is interested in knowing more about your services. Company executives or decision makers could be some key targets. It is important that you have something that differentiates you from the rest of competition e.g. You also offer related services such as Web Design or you have a 24 hour customer support service etc. If you are starting out in the industry, you may want to approach established industry players to find out if they can outsource some work for you. Read more 5 Reasons Why SEO Conference Is an Important One.

Be ready to take notes

When you attend a SEO conference, it is quite common to expect to be offered a writing pad. However, do not expect this. Bring your own notebook, tablet or laptop where you can take notes. During the conference you are likely to hear a wealth of knowledge and you do not want to lose any of this. Besides, taking notes can also keep track of the people you will want to meet again and items to take action on.

Follow-up on Deals

If you were lucky to clinch some deals during the conference, once you get back to the office decide how you are going to follow up on them. Are you going to arrange a meeting or make a phone call? This is also a timely recap on some of the issues discussed at the SEO conference and decide if it was worth it. Each year a number of SEO conferences are organized in different areas, and you can make a selection of those you think offer the most value for you.

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