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4 Web Designing Myths That Make Your Concept Look Poor

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Web designing can be intimidating at a first glance. But no matter how good you are in one style or another, it is essential to have that special sense for things that work. Becoming familiar with the most common myths in web designing will open a lot of doors. So what kind of ideas should you stay away from? 

Flash animations will boost the value of your website!

If you think about improving the value of your website with elements like Flash animations, at least make sure that you use them in a very economic and efficient manner. Keep in mind that Flash animations add to the overall size of your website, so they also slow it down. Not every guest has a high speed Internet connection, so they might take a lot of time to load sometimes. Visitors with classic 256kbps or even 128kbps connections might have to wait for more than a minute in order to see your work. 

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If you still fancy Flash animations, you should know that they are supposed to actually attract customers and not to prevent them from seeing your content. Most of them will not even wait for so long. Plus, some guests do not have Flash plugins installed on their computers or smartphones, so downloading and installing them is simply not worth in their vision.

With all these, you do not have to get it wrong – Flash animations might represent a good accessory in web designing, but only if used appropriately.

A lot of colors make the website more attractive!

Your visitors will read the content, so you should try to make it as attractive as possible. If colors are too annoying, visitors will not show up on your website again. Two or three dominant colors are enough. Dark text on a light background is also easier to read. For instance, if you love red and blue, you should know that they do not make the best combination. Do not forget about the links either. They are supposed to have the same color on all pages. It is useless to mention that pages must respect the same theme or they will become confusing. 

You can never have too many pictures on a website!

When used with moderation, pictures can seriously add to the value of your website. But remember that pictures increase the loading time. If the page does not load in less than 10 seconds, you risk losing your guests. Ideally, a single page should not exceed 50kb – including both the HTML code and the pictures.

Feel free to resize pictures to the optimal value too. Do not forget about the right format – .jpg is great for pictures and .gif is excellent for clip art images, small animations, icons and so on.

The website is always seen in the same way!

This is one of the most frequent mistakes among new web designing specialists. Just because your website looks good on a computer, it does not mean that it will look the same on any other computer. Different browsers read and display HTML codes differently. The display resolution is also very important. If you use tables, provide the cell sizes in percentages and not in pixels. Therefore, try your website on more browsers and computers. The situation becomes even more challenging when it comes to other gadgets as well, like tablets and smartphones. You do not have to despair though. A little optimization will make your work visible on any platform.

With these ideas in mind, a web designing project asks for a lot of attention before being officially released.

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Simon Hopes is a web designer and also SEO expert. He loves to write about his designing tips and ideas that he provides to his customers and readers via newsletters and blogging. He is also pet lover and has 2 cute puppies who make his entire day more beautiful. There are many website designers are available in the markets but before choosing the right one, you should read webcreationuk reviews.

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