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5 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers

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In spite of the fact that Google, the Search Engine Giant, is frequently modifying its algorithms, in order to bring best results to users, it is essential to make sure that your content — regardless how useful it is — has been optimized for search engine crawling and thus ranks high! Indeed, you cannot depend upon manual ways to do all these, but you’ll have to use some Search Engine Optimization tools, especially if you are a blogger who has less time to spend on the technical part. In this post, we have a list of five best SEO tools that will be helpful for every blogger out there. So, it’s time to move on with our useful list, right?


Google Analytics

Some bloggers may even say that there is no SEO without setting up Google Analytics in your website! Developed & brought to internet marketing professionals and bloggers by Google Inc itself, Google Analytics is something you can use for analyzing traffic of your website. It is a practical notion that you would be able to make changes only if you’re aware about sources of your traffic and what contributes to the whole traffic. In that sense, Google Analytics can get you a wide range of information about the traffic your site receives every day, including demographics, top terms the users use to reach your site etc. Altogether, if you need a proper way to know your traffic, Google Analytics is must!


Well, as you might know, links are something that lets World Wide Web run and they have unique importance, when we consider the case of SEO as well. Thus, it becomes inevitable to know deeply about ‘link’ aspect of your site / blog in order to have a sustainable growth in terms of traffic as well as reputation. Using Ahrefs, a popular site explorer, it is possible for you to know total number of backlinks, URL ranks, number of pages that refer to your site, various sort of backlink types (such as nofollow, dofollow, text-based etc) and lots more. Considering all these, Ahrefs is a must-have tool for bloggers and professionals.


You might have heard about Moz in your career as a blogger or internet professional, as Moz is one of the popular & widely-used tools for SEO analysis of a website. By means of Moz, you will be able to explore various aspects of a site or blog. The sections you can go deeper into include search engine rankings, backlinks your site has, how your site is performing in social media platforms, how effective and optimized your published content is along with analysis of all kinds of traffic your site receives. So, when you want to have a clear idea about SEO aspect of your site, Moz is an extremely appropriate choice.


Are you looking for a way to know important SEO aspects of your or others’ websites or blogs? Do you need all those kinds of information to fit in an intuitive, simple page? If so, SEOPoints is one SEO tool that you can depend upon. By providing URL of website you want to track, you can use SEOPoints to track a set of useful information such as Page Rank of the site, Moz Ranks and DA, PA, Alexa rank and performance of your site in terms of social media shares. As a whole, SEOPoints gives you brief information about any website when you have less time to spend.


SimilarWeb is an impressive SEO tool as far as you are concerned about analyzing traffic of your site or competitors’! Indeed, the solution gives you deep-enough glance towards various aspects of your site traffic, including overview of audience, referrals, similar types of sites and lots more. So, if you need to really know traffic of your site, SimilarWeb is great.

What do you think of this list? Don’t you think these tools will be helpful for the blogger in you? We are eager to hear from you.

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