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Best Forex Library Online: Pinterest

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Like it or not, Pinterest has grown as a platform that beats the efficiency of many traditional and online libraries. I realized this just yesterday when my wife flipped through recipes on Pinterest to arrive at her favorite dish within a matter of seconds. She was previously a scrap book expert who had every important thing in her life stuck to pages of her scrapnote. Today, when discussing a mathematics theorem with my son, she again got the explanation through a “pin”. And so I turned to her idea and looked up for some marketing and business development literature on the platform, and bingo! The pins had it all.

Here is a sample from Pinterest:


Basic of Firex the quote screen. Omage Courtesy:

Pinterest is indeed the best library that one can have today. The fact that it is a social sharing platform makes it even more updated and dynamic. All these observations took me to check the platform for a niche like forex trading. And guess what, I found some very rarely available and unique information, which I would have otherwise seen only if I had visited a fat book in trading. Yes, there are around thousands of pins in forex trading that come in from different profiles of users who are actually businesses that offer forex trading apps, services, or updates through their company websites.

Providers like OANDA, NetoTrade, MetaTrader 5, aCurrency, and iTradeMobile are all ready to greet you with their pins and updates. The best part of going through such exhaustive collection of tips is that you are sure of where things could be wrong by just cross-checking predictions on a similar pinboard. The experience is similar to referring different books. The easy part is that you have pictorial descriptions at the hit of a hashtag. From market performance to currency declines, from oil price rise to deflation and deflation, from Chinese market predictions to stability of Russia and its currency, you have every detail depicted through informative graphics or charts.


The catch with Pinterest is that every niche that teaches best through visuals are supported by this platform best. So, it is not only the ladies following that benefit from recipes, knitting idea, makeup idea lifestyle quotes, decor and color ideas and more. Business men and traders will find their tips no doubt. But what is most intriguing is how forex traders, market analytics teams and big data experts are benefitting from the platform. Students need to look no further in these subjects. Period. 

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