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The Best iPhone Movie Apps

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There is no doubt that the use of mobile phones has become so popular where basically everyone has a mobile phone and especially so a smartphone. The technology advancements that have led to the development of these great smartphones have brought so much gain to those people that use those phones. The use of smartphones is very useful in not only for business processes but also for entertainment purposes for instance one is able to watch movies right from their phones without having to connect their phones with the screens or even DVD players or any other electronics relevant for the watching of such movies. Unlike the past where one could only get to watch their favorite movies via the DVD players and their television sets, this situation has been changed where the only requirements for one to be in a position to watch a movie is having a smartphone which in this case is an iPhone and downloading the relevant movie watching apps on that phone. If you however have no idea on which apps perfect for this exercise just relax and follow us through this post as we help you understand the best apps which you can use to watch your movies of choice.

The Turner Classic Movies app

Popularly known as the TCM app this app specializes on the movies that are aired on its TV station known as the TCM station a TV station popular for the showing of movies that are particularly from the old days. If you are a movie lover, you must have an idea of the number of movies that are shown by this TV station and if you can approximate the number of those numbers that is if you can you will have an idea on how many movies you will have access to once you get this app to your phone.You can use free full movie downloads for android phones and iphones.With this app in your phone, you are guaranteed to have access to a wide variety number of movies to watch and you will never have to go out shopping for which movies to watch and especially so if you love the old school movies.

The RedBox app

This app has been customized for the iPhone users and for this reason it is recommended for all those who use the iOS devices where this app is very convertible with these devices. The developers of this app have a very good job where the users get to enjoy using this app by offering them not only a beautiful interface but also a user friendly one where you can easily browse through the several options present in this app. Its special bookmarks feature enables the user to store the URLs of the watched movies as well as others which come in very handy when one is offering some recommendations to friends on which movies they need to watch. The app also ensures that its users are treated to the opportunity of getting access to all the latest movies releases without having to watch the previews and trailers on the television.

Get Glue app

For all those movie lovers and addicts, you will definitely love having this app in your iPhone. The phone through the support its name guarantees to keep your eyes stuck to your phone screen watching all your favorite movies not only because of the quality of movies it offers but also because of the way you get to watch those movies in the best form and quality.You can also watch free movies on iphone.If you like sharing opinions, comments as well as views about the movies you watch you will love this app even more since it will give you an opportunity to give your views and comments and share them with your friends. You also get to view other people’s comments and views and you can choose which movies to watch next based on those views and comments and you do not have to rely on just the trailers but also on your friends’ opinions on choosing the best movies to watch.

The Flixster movies app                                   

There are many movie lovers who prefer to first learn about the general public’s opinion about certain movies before they actually decide that they want to watch them so that they cannot watch the so called boring movies. If you are one such movie lover, you will enjoy this app as it gives you the opportunity to view all the comments that might have been posted about that movie on that app. This is very useful information as you get to learn about which movies are currently trending and you can now choose to download and watch them. The app also has a rating option where you can also give your views and rate the movie you just watched and share that information with your friends.

movie apps

The app also has a rating option where you can also give your views and rate the movie you just watched and share that information with your friends.

If you have been failing to catch up with the latest movie releases because you are always away from your home or even from movie theatres and you have an iPhone, you do not have any reasons for not watching all your favorite movies as they are released or even the earlier editions of those movies. Simply try out one or even all these apps and then decide which one best suites your movie needs and then choose it to be your default movie watching iPhone app.

Movies HD

Just like the name suggests this app is a very well developed movie app where it concentrates on the quality of the movies you get to watch on your iPhone. Its user interface is very friendly where it even offers its users an opportunity to access a unique feature on it known as the manager tab where the app user can easily manage all the movies present in the device for easier retrieval once the user wants to watch. This app will ensure that you are experience a very comfortable time watching your favorite movies on your phone and for this reason you need to ensure that you download and find out how much it will change your movie watching experience.

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