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Can I Sell My Phone For A Bargain?

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My wish list for this birthday is really huge. The priority is of course a new tablet or a latest Smartphone. The question here is what I should do with my old phone. Can I get instant cash by selling it to a friend? Or do I have to search for a place to sell my phone?

Sell My Phone

Oops! I am really in two minds. How I wish I could sort this problem to sell my phone. After a careful search on the internet, I came to a conclusion that there are many sites where they trade in old phones and I can sell my phone. Earlier, a friend of mine had advised me to be careful when dealing with such sites. I started to understand the typical process followed by such firms where I can sell my phone. Initially they offer a quote for the model, followed by an agreement which results in sending the phone to the buyer through a prepaid shipping process. Later on, they inspect my phone and then process my payment. I could do all this just by sitting at home. One good site to deal with is Here, I was able to determine the exact price I was going to get for my phone. The process also was very simple and fast. I could sell my phone instantly without any hassles through this website. I was also made to understand that I can ask for the return of my phone in case I am not satisfied with the deal. 

I also had the option of taking my old phone to the nearest retailer for a faster bargain. I later on realized that I can opt for this only if I need immediate cash. Also, I would not get the rate I expect. Searching online to sell my phone, I realized that different sites offer different rates and quotes. The condition of the phone at present also was a factor to be considered. If there is a slight crack on the phone, there is a chance that I may not get the price which is quoted on the site. Sometimes the question is probably how do I sell my mobile phones? – We want you to sell your mobile quick and find your cash fast, therefore we’ve unbroken it as easy as attainable. You only got to understand the create and model of the mobile you’re marketing otherwise you will search victimisation the phones IMEI. Choose however you’d like USA to pay you (we will process the money straight into your bank, send you a cheque otherwise you will add 100% onto your worth by obtaining paid in Argos vouchers). As presently as we’ve tested your phone, we’ll process your payment. You just have to sit back & wait for the cash! 

Sometimes people try to sell phones which do not work at all. Some sites may accept such phones in order to trade in spare parts. The age and model of the phone also is an important factor in order to get a good bargain. Sometimes, the sites ask for original accessories and also the power cable and box. All these might fetch one a good price. If someone doesn’t need immediate cash, all these options are viable. 

If I want to sell my phone, I will definitely consider all these options and then arrive at a conclusion. One important advice I got from a friend before I sell my phone is to back up all my important data to my personal computer or to an online storage medium. The next step is to reset the phone so that all my data is completely erased before I sell my phone.

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