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Everything You Need To Know About 4K TVs

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Television technology has improved at a tremendous pace. Now, you can experience cinema hall clarity and sound while sitting at the comfort of your home. Bring home 4K Ultra HD television set and experience spectacular picture clarity with brilliance in sound. Movie watching never used to be better before!

4K Ultra HD

The 4K Ultra HD television sets are more expensive than the entry level models.

The 4K technology

4K is the latest technological innovation in improvising the picture quality of television sets. With 4K technology, every movable image appears on the television screen in sumptuous detail and crystal clear clarity. If compared to normal HD television sets, then 4K HD televisions displays picture in 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. The normal HD televisions have a pixel rate of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, four times less than the 4k Ultra HD television display rate. In fact, watching a moving in 4K Ultra HD makes you feel the movie in real time experience, something that can be normally felt in 3D videos. But in 4K, the superior picture clarity and in depth picture detailing makes you feel the effect without those special 3D glasses.

Big brands, bigger screens

Most of the big television manufacturing brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony have their own range of 4K television sets. The 4K Ultra HD television sets are more expensive than the entry level models. Also, you will find most of the 4K Ultra HD models having bigger screens, not less than 40 inches. Actually, any 4K Ultra HD televisions with a screen size of minimum 50 inches will allow the viewers to feel that effect. Smaller screen size will never have that impact. Recently, the Curved 4K Ultra HD television sets have been launched in the market. These are considered to be the most expensive television sets available presently. But be rest assured about the amazing experience of watching movies and HD shows in such television sets.

Is there a need to buy 4K Ultra HD television set?

If you can afford, then 4K Ultra HD is the best television option to purchase. In fact, with more brands available in market and the competition, the price of 4K televisions are also getting lowered a bit. The base models are somewhat affordable. Also, there are BEST BUY stores available through which you can purchase these great televisions sets. Wait, there is a problem! You may not experience 4K Ultra HD clarity when watching television soaps and other channels unless it is a 4K enabled one. At present, there are HD channels available but not 4K Ultra HD. Yes, some channels will shortly be launching the 4K versions. Till then, you can experience the 4K mage clarity only through screening of blue-ray discs. With newer technologies emerging on a frequent basis, it will not be long enough to find television channels launching their 4K Ultra HD Versions. However, the normal channels will also look amazing sharp and clear with 4K LED Ultra HD television sets.

Sitting position to experience the best impact

With 4K Ultra HD television sets, the viewer experience higher intimate viewing when compared to ordinary HD television sets. However, the best and recommended way to view the 4K television set is completely analogous to the way films are watched at a cinema hall. During the early era, the cinema halls used to be shoe-box shaped. Patrons sat at a position that can be better described as 3-5 screen heights away. That was considered to be the most perfect viewing angle and distance for the patrons. Speaking about modern day contemporary cinemas, the movie theatres are wider in appearance with viewing distance about 1.5 screen heights back. Now when speaking about viewing the same picture clarity in home with a somewhat smaller screen size, the viewing distance differs slightly. For a 65 inches 4K Ultra HD television, you must be 1.5m away from the set to view it while being at your best comfort zone. Large sized 4K television screens can be best viewed from a distance of 2-3m in order to avoid strain in your eyes.

Final Verdict

With tremendous advancement in technology, you should opt for 4K Ultra HD once you plan to change or upgrade your old television set. There are many reputed brands available. Look for the top ten 4K Ultra HD television sets available in the market via internet and other information media before heading for the purchase.

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