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#FashTech: Technology Meets Fashion

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Last decade can be defined as a period when technological things evolved a lot and re-defined quite frequently. Evolution of mobiles is one such example. In the last seven years android, IOS and windows phones’ operating systems were not just introduced but also evolved six, eight and four times respectively in very short span of time. Change in customer expectations, cut throat market competition, globalization and continued threat arising from the new rivals in the industry are the factors which ensures continuous research and development in technological field. As a result of these ongoing research and innovations we get highly innovative products with involvement of technology. One of the main reasons for all these developments is that in 21st century people are very interested in technology.


With fashion industry getting more techie year after year there’s a whole new world evolving to be explored. As fashion is all about showing things, brands are not the key driver because people are always open to the non branded things even for clothing, as their main motto is to look good. This is the reason behind ever soaring demand for duplicate products than the original ones around the world. Brands are facing tough competition from other valuable and cheap products, however management pundits blame blind branding & product extensions which were carried out by almost every brand during the early 90s. But that’s another story, the major concern for wearable brands is to come up with the products which can stand the competition of the market and deliver to the expectations of the consumers. All such products which were created with such mindset met technological and fashionable needs of the wearer, which we also call FashTech products.

Below info-graphic features some of the most fascinating FashTech products which are available in the market or about to be launched. When you go through these products you will find how these products will make you feel more techie, a belt which will adjust automatically, a bracelet which will notify all your calls and messages, a single touch navigator and alert sending device for better safety, a shoe and t-shirt which will track all your physical moves and send data to your mobiles. These products are not created to make profits but also with a purpose of serving excellence to consumers. 

Info-graphic Credits: Secret Vintage Collection

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