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How to Get Free Gmail Support

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There are plenty of email service providers but it is quite hard to find another that can match the popularity and user base of Gmail. Google’s hugely popular email service is used by several million users in all parts of the world. The reasons behind its popularity are the simplicity of usage, enhanced features and amalgamation of so many Google services under one umbrella. However, like all other online services, Gmail is not immune to developing snags and causing occasional problems. As a Gmail user, you may end up facing some usability and access related issues occasionally.

Gmail Support

Google’s hugely popular email service is used by several million users in all parts of the world.

Dealing with Gmail problems

There are some common problems that Gmail users have to cope with. From the log in related troubles to DNS errors, the problems can be unexpected and when they occur, you may end up in a mess. There can be situations where people are waiting for your response and you cannot do that as Gmail log in is not working! When these do take place, you need not throw your hands up in despair. There are ways to resolve a lot of Gmail related issues, as it is.

At times a lot of Gmail related problems can be resolved by:

  • Waiting for some time and trying to log in again
  • Checking modem and router for problems. A resets prove to be of use often.
  • Clearing the browser cache.
  • In times of network congestions, switching to the reduced basic view of Gmail does work. You do not get the integrated Chat in this mode, but at least you can send and receive emails.

Free Gmail Support at your fingertips

While a lot of Gmail users start becoming frantic when they face a problem with the service, there is a solution within reach. You need not pay for resolving various Gmail usability and access related problems. There is free help available within your reach.

Resort to the Gmail Help Center

For various Gmail usage related issues, you can resort to Gmail Help, offered by Google. This can be availed by clicking on the settings section in Gmail account. There you get assistance and resources on Gmail functionality. Moreover, there is a separate section on Troubleshooting. It is also divided into subsections like Account, display and known issues. Beside each subsection, there is a link to report the issue to Google. This can be accessed anytime without incurring any cost. If you cannot log into your Gmail account, try logging in some else’s account and access this section.

Free Third party help on Gmail

There are other online resources for availing assistance on Gmail related issues. While some sites charge you for this, with a little effort you can come across a few websites such as that have informative and resourceful articles on Gmail troubleshooting and usability tips etc. It would be a good idea to look at social media sites for forums and user groups on these topics. There are tech savvy users and technology experts who can help you out fast.

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