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Infographic: China Will Dominate The Global Technology in 2015

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The Chinese technology market is expanding rapidly and will account for a growth rate of 43% in the technology sector worldwide in 2015. China as a nation is predicted to spend more than $456 billion on ICT in 2015. That is an increase growth rate of 11%.

Forbes estimates that Chinese branded smartphone manufacturers will capture as much as 40% of the global smartphone market in 2015. IDC estimates that almost 500 million smartphones will be sold within China in 2015. What’s so interesting about that figure? Well it is 3 times the number sold in USA and a third of global smartphone sales.

In the world of Chinese social networking, China’s answer to Facebook is QZone. It has over 600 million monthly subscribers and is still in its growth phase. While it is still second only to Facebook in terms of subscribers and scale, QZone has more than double the number of monthly active users of Twitter and Instagram combined.

Where mobile messaging apps are concerned, China’s answer to WhatApp is QQ and has 540 million monthly active users, again second only to Facebook owned WhatsApp with 700 million MAUs as of January 2015.

Three companies dominate the entire technology market in China and much like Google, Facebook and Amazon might dominate Silicon Valley and the rest of the English speaking world, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are their equivalent in China, but on a much grander scale.

For example, Alibaba is the e-commerce conglomerate behind Taobao and Tmall, the largest consumer and trade e-commerce marketplaces in China. On a Chinese Holiday called ‘Singles Day’ in 2013, Taobao and Tmall processed $5.75 billion in sales. By comparison, on Cyber Monday 2014, the entire US e-commerce industry including heavy hitters Amazon and eBay, processed $2 billion in sales.

Scale and customer sophistication is what really makes China a force to be reckoned with in the global technology industry with 680 million people online in China in 2014 and 8 million college graduates a year.

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