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On the Road Again: 5 of the Most Helpful Apps for Those about to Hit the Road

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When used safely, a smartphone can be one of a driver’s most powerful tools. With this cutting edge hardware, those driver never needs to worry about getting lost, running out of entertainment, or missing any amazing sights. Anyone that is ready to hit the road should take a look at these five amazing apps for their next unforgettable driving experience.

road apps


Roadtrippers is a free app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and is a great alternative to most of the generic map programs that come pre-installed on these devices. Users begin by inputting their starting location, ending location, and any planned detours. The app then shows hotels, interesting sights, and restaurants along the way with reviews, pictures, and one-touch reservations. This is extremely helpful for those who will be driving in an unfamiliar area.


While CarPlay is a free app for iPhone owners, this amazing software does require a new vehicle or a high-end entertainment system upgrade. CarPlay essentially turns the touchscreen controls of any vehicle into an iOS operating system. Once the phone is plugged in, drivers and passengers can make voice commands, set customized controls throughout the car, make hands-free calls, check directions, have emails read to them, and more.


GasBuddy was one of the first apps that was able to successfully harness the power of crowd-sourced data for iOS and Android users. This app gives some of the most accurate gas prices around due to the fact that its users upload prices of various gas stations as they change. Those that upload accurate gas prices are rewarded with small gifts and coupons as well as the knowledge that they could be saving fellow drivers some serious change.

TuneIn Radio

When it comes to music apps for drivers, simplicity is the best policy. TuneIn Radio is a free iOS and Android app that removes some of the frills of other complex music players and offers ergonomic controls to move through over 100,000 unique stations. In addition to almost every genre of music, this is also one of the best apps to catch up on radio talk shows, sports scores, and news. Due to the simple format, it helps drivers avoid any distractions when it comes to procuring the perfect listening material for their drive.


Much like GasBuddy, Waze is a free app for all mobile operating systems and relies on the GPS units of smartphones to accurately gauge traffic. Upwards of 30 million users actively upload information as they drive which often means that it is a few minutes ahead of news stations or other driving apps that may take 10 minutes or longer to update.

Not only will these apps save you time and money on the road, but they make time behind the wheel more enjoyable. So, whether you are an avid road-tripper, or you find yourself on the road a lot for work, consider downloading any of the apps above to keep you sane as you take to the road and get from A to B.

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