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Smart Smartphone Decisions In 2015: What Would Your Personality Choose?

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2014 was a big year for Samsung who took the lead in stock share over Micromax in the Indian smartphone market. But this year, the tables have turned. Micromax has beat Samsung and is now India’s top smartphone vendor as of this February 2015 according to research conducted by Canalys. Even though Samsung still technically governs most of the market share’s sales at the moment, it has slowly been losing out its shares in major markets like India and China (with its most recent loss to Xiaomi). One of the reasons why Canalys is confident that Micromax has, and is taking the lead, is thanks to the local adoption of mid-range smartphones that are in high demand. Their price bracket also makes Micromax devices more appealing for those who are upgrading to smartphones for the first time.

The smartphone market in India is expected to grow by 13 percent this year and take second place as the world’s largest smartphone market by 2019 according to Strategy Analytics. It’s no wonder then that India is on every electronic giant’s radar. But if we’re going to talk about the current global smartphone leader, Apple is way ahead in the game since sales in the US, China, Europe, Australia and Japan exploded in Q4 2014 with the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. There are blatant reasons why Apple couldn’t make it onto India’s list-price, smaller screens and inflated tax rates are just a few. However, for those who aren’t new to the smartphone world and can afford to pamper themselves with fancy hardware and Apple’s delectable touch, both phones are very well-deserving. For now it seems that budget android phones- everything the iphone isn’t- have a massive place in the Indian market.

I believe that it’s more important to buy a phone according to one’s needs and preferences, without getting lost in brand reputation and beefed up specs. Which phone is your personality and budget’s calling?

OnePlus One

Smart Smartphone Decisions 3

Price conscious people who won’t settle for less than quality will want this phone because it’s a perfect mix of both, in addition to its edgy exclusivity. You can’t get the OnePlus One phone without an invite so consider yourself lucky if you do get your hands on one! It’s priced at a reasonable Rs 21,999 (64GB) and is worth every penny considering how it ranks on performance, quality and specs. It’s not too shabby either and has a slight HTC and Moto aesthetical feel to it so fans of both brands will also want to consider the OnePlus One.

Nexus 6

Smart Smartphone Decisions 2

This phone knocked the iphone 6 out of the game during its Flipkart launch at the GOSF 2014. The main criticism it’s received according to users is how undeniably bulky it is, boasting a 6 inch screen, massive processing power and battery life that also makes it quite a heavy phone too. Most reviewers recommend that you get the chance to handle this phone at least once in order to determine whether it feels right for you, but that’s exactly why I’d say this is the best smartphone you can get out there if a powerful phablet you can game on is what you’re looking for. It’s also one of the first phones to come equipped with Android Lollipop, something eager Android lovers will enjoy. Value for price (Rs 44,000 when it came out) is definitely present here.

Sony Xperia Z3

Smart Smartphone Decisions 5

The Sony Xperia Z series has proven quite successful as flagship phones over the last couple of years, but the Z3 has won the most hearts over despite its minimal upgrade from the Z2. Features that make this phone particularly desirable are its waterproof, dust and shatterproof qualities that make it the best pick a klutz like me would go for. That’s one of the reasons why I opted to purchase an Xperia and can vouch for those aspects. Unfortunately (for me), this phone isn’t theft proof. If you have a tendency to throw your phone around, be caught up in wet situations or find that it encounters the odd fall every now and then, the above-average price of this phone (Rs 42,000 from Flipkart) does justify buying it. It’s also softer around the edges and has the brightest screen android has ever seen so those colours will really pop out, not to mention an even better battery life than its predecessor!

Xiami Mi4

Smart Smartphone Decisions 6

Some review sites are being critical of the new Xiami phone that’s come out, mainly due to its poor internal storage capacity (only 16GB), lack of external memory card slot and overheating with overuse. The way I look at it though is that this isn’t meant to be a high end smartphone. In fact, this is one of the few phones out there that breaks from the norm while still maintaining a premium build (eerily resembling the iPhone 5), which may be exactly what someone is looking for. Finding a phone that doesn’t accommodate a wealth of information and applications is rare. If you’re the kind who’s always on their phone, then of course you’re going to want your phone to take on the heat like a boss and the Mi4 is clearly not designed for you. Oftentimes, storage and performance go hand in hand. Priced at Rs 19,999, what do you really expect? This is a simple, practical and good looking smartphone tailored for a simple end user who wants a phone with the look and feel of a savvy smartphone- no more, no less. No shame in that!


Smart Smartphone Decisions 1

The Micromax range is by far the most honest collection of budget friendly phones India has seen this year. Price won’t be an issue, with their most expensive phone in the market selling for Rs 14,578 (Micromax Canvas Gold) and the lowest going for Rs 3,349 (Micromax Bolt AD3520). It’s easy to see how their price distinctions have been determined, with extra features, more storage, mega pixels and larger screens directly contributing to the pricing of each. Check out the 10 best Micromax phones- you’ll be spoilt for choice. If your personality screams honest and fair, Micromax is for you!

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 rumours

Whether or not we like to admit it, the iPhone will always be the smartphone market’s largest contender. Its price is off putting, but if anyone has ever held an iPhone in their hands and navigated their way through its intuitive interface, you’ll know exactly why. For those who can spare the extra buck and are looking for seamless design and outstanding chrome hardware, the iPhone 6 is Apple’s best creation so far and a phone that will stand the test of time.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Smart Smartphone Decisions 4

This is probably the most artistic phablet out there- boasting a super AMOLED touchscreen (Samsung’s new big thing) and an advanced S Pen for enriched doodling. The Note Edge’s artistic capabilities is what makes Samsung’s note artistically superior to the Nexus 6, which still beats Samsung in terms of its Android Lollipop offering- perfect for gamers. Could this be Samsung’s fight to remain in the number one spot in India? Going for Rs 64,900 from Amazon India, its hefty price is a steep Rs 20,000 more than what Flipkart were asking for the Nexus 6, but this doesn’t seem to be turning users away, as there were only 2 left in stock at the time of this review. 

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