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Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One – Check it out

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Windows, the operating system we are all familiar with, has been upgraded and version 10 has now been released. Initially, Microsoft announced the many new business features available in the latest version of this operating system. They have now released the consumer focused features, and, more importantly, their vision; to make this system work across all the different types of devices, to provide the same user experience, whether you are on a tablet, smartphone, PC or gaming console.

Windows 10

Windows 10 and Xbox One

Of particular interest is the continued integration between Windows and the Xbox, you may already be aware that the Xbox app, and Xbox streaming will be a part of Windows 10. However, Microsoft has now released confirmation that Windows 10 will be available on the Xbox One. This development should allow programmers to create applications which will display properly on the TV; they will be easy to use and user friendly.

The Xbox app allows you to talk to your Xbox Live friends whilst viewing your game achievements. You can even access game DVR clips; share them and comment on them! Additionally, should you be playing a game on your PC, a new shortcut on Windows 10 allows you to take snapshots, or even a thirty second video clip, of your game play. This data is available in the Xbox app and can then be shared and commented on with your friends.

Gaming with Windows 10

With the new Windows it will also be possible to play certain games against, or with, players on different operating systems! Fable Legends is one such game; a player can be on a PC and still join forces with a user on Xbox One. It was previously advised that the DirectX gaming API will be integrated into Windows 10. This has been confirmed and promises up to 50% improvement in games performance.

Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 7 and 8 will be able to get a free upgrade to Windows 10; this is useful to Microsoft to assist in spotting any snags in the new system. It also allows more customers to make the most of the new features and the link with the Xbox One.

There are a variety of new features in Windows 10, designed to improve the user experience:

  • The Start Menu – this can be expanded to full screen size, if needed.
  • The Action Center – there are now windows phone type buttons which allow you to activate, (or deactivate), functions with one click.
  • Control Panel – this will be merged with the modern UI PC settings, meaning that all crucial system tools are in the same place.
  • Windows Continuum feature – this automatically changes the Windows 10 interface depending on whether you are using a touch screen device or the more traditional PC.

Cortana, the digital assistant

Those of us familiar with Windows phones will already be aware of this system. It controls the majority of Windows 10 search features; it can be accessed via natural voice queries or text; just like on a phone. It will have its own button next to the start button.

Web Browser – Spartan

Spartan is the new web browser that will be coming to Windows 10, a fresh, clean design, packed with many useful features, such as: being able to make notes on a web page and then share these comments with other Windows 10 users. It will be possible to clip part of a web page directly to One Note. Microsoft has also worked hard on improving the reading mode found in Windows 8 Metro Internet Explorer app. It removes all ads and other unwanted items from the screen – rendering it like a book! It will even be possible to save this content to read offline.

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Escape Games 365! 

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