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4 Things to Include When Designing a Marketing Strategy

Posted In Business - By Techtiplib on Friday, March 27th, 2015 With 1 Comment

There are so many things that go into a marketing campaign, from building a website and updating a blog to sending out regular newsletters and monitoring social media accounts. Make sure to add these four must have items into your digital strategy and learn more here about running your business.

Focusing On Your Goal

Always remember that your main goal is to build a relationship with the reader. You have to get the consumer to trust you; since you can only use written words, it is the tone and voice of authority that will get your message across. You’re not simply advertising a product or service – “sell, sell, sell!” messages don’t resonate with consumers anymore. Find the aspect of your product or service that will mean the most to the reader and then appeal to them on that level.

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Creating and Promoting Blog Content

Writing a blog post is followed by a ton of important tasks, all of which can be outsourced. Blog post publishing, adding images and tags, comment moderation, and submitting links to directories are just a few of the blog post tasks that a contractor can take over.

Making the Most of E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is different from e-mail management. Your business probably has newsletters and other types of e-mail outreach programs, all of which can be run by someone other than you. Have your Virtual Assistant add and remove e-mail list subscribers, create newsletters, schedule e-mails for optimal times, test subject lines, and more.

Simplifying Web Copy

You don’t need a ton of text to convince people to buy. If you can say what you need to say in 100 clever-yet-straightforward words, why use 1,000? If you can’t squeeze all of the information into one paragraph, then by all means, use more. In the end, it’s important that you say everything you need to say, but that you say it succinctly and clearly. On the other hand, you don’t want to cut down the copy so much that you leave out important information. 

The big trick is to make your audience feel like it’s about them and their needs, not you and the money you hope they spend. In interpersonal relationships, the key is to ask the other person questions because everyone likes to talk about themselves.

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  1. Blue Collar Defender says:

    This post is what I am looking for, very informative I am started to do business and marketing online is my best option. I’m just a little stuck in-terms of strategy because I am just a beginner and started to scratch so I would like to thank for sharing this post.