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Find Out What Is Geenio And What Opportunities It Offers

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Executives and managers spend a lot of company money on training and skill development for their employees. Development of new internet technologies and a variety of software for online education can significantly reduce these costs and help entrepreneurs educate their team. One of the most useful online software for this purpose is Geenio, which you can find on the website Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses still do not use online education tools, so this is an opportunity to find out about this platform and to improve your business.


Geenio is a web-based online education tool designed for all those who want to create interactive training courses. This software enables easy to use and very flexible learning management. It launched in June 2012, and its headquarters is located in Palo Alto (California, United States). In addition to offices in the United States, it has business offices in Europe. Geenio has raised $2M in one seed round and today it’s a fast-growing company. Konstantin Andreev, founder and executive director of the company, announced that he expected further progress of the company in the coming years.

Geenio is called “Full Cycle Learning Tool” because as a platform it combines multiple tools, which enables users to create courses, assess their students and track progress. It offers a complete cycle of teaching from the content creation to the final result analysis. Geenio is a very suitable learning system for all entrepreneurs who want to create interactive online courses and improve their business.

As you can see on the Geenio official website, five main points of the Full Cycle Learning Tool are:

  • Content creation – enables the creation of learning content into an interactive non-linear course in any of the user’s browser.
  • Managing – allows employers (or other business people) to easily manage its team (or learners) in just a few clicks.
  • Assessment of team progress and improving of their knowledge.
  • Analysis of results – provides insight into the results of the individual or the whole group.
  • Improving the knowledge of employees (or students) via coaching sessions and trainings.

These online courses may have a variety of multimedia pages, tests, interactive lessons, study plans and informational pages. In the preliminary estimates, there are several types of questions: Yes / No questions, Choice, Sort, Match, Text Reply and Text gap. Pages and tests may consist not only of text, you can add all types of multimedia objects like images, videos and interactive objects. The LMS part of Geenio offers opportunities for transparent assignments of the learning course. Geenios services are designed to be accessible from any browser, tablet, desktop or mobile device. So, there is no need for any additional software, tools or technical skills.

Course authors can adjust the complexity of online course and adapt it to learners’ individual knowledge and skills. Learners (team members) go with the most appropriate way of learning. Also, authors can set up the level of interaction between the individual objects of the course, and connect them into a whole.

Who can use this tool? The Geenio interaction tool is perfect for all business people regardless of their profession and level of knowledge. The most common users of this application are:

  • Project Managers – Geenio allows them to teach their employees.
  • HR Specialists – Geenio tool allows them to create tests for newcomers and assess their experience.
  • Teachers / Trainers – These people can build learning processes and online courses professionally with learning tool.
  • Subject Matter Experts – For assessment and maintenance of the competency level in their company.

Geenio’s developers are constantly working to improve work performance. Compared with the earlier version, the new version of Geenio has many improvements: background tool, introduced color schemes, new typography options, improved page connections, also, several bugs were fixed.

So, the main features of Geenio are:

  • It’s a cloud-based solution with full HTML5 support
  • Scenario based, which means that it allows to create non-linear interactive courses
  • Content authoring tool and Learning Management System in one platform
  • Full support for all modern mobile devices

This content authoring tool provides many beneficial tools to help companies enhance the employee-learning environment. If you want to learn more about this, visit Geenio’s website and start using it to improve your teamwork skill.

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