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[Freebies] Ashampoo Snap 8 – Review, Performance and Giveaway

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Ashampoo Snap 8 is very useful program software that enables you to edit, share and capture screen contents – either as single videos or images. This application comes with a powerful photo (with pixel perfect accuracy) editing capabilities, too. Get Ashampoo Snap 8 with 30% off here.

In addition to this, Ashampoo Snap 8 offers many software tools to add additional data or highlight image contents with some kind of marker, such as arrows and so forth, what makes it easy to review and explain many complex matters. Finished video or image files are uploaded able to most of cloud service providers, as well as to Ashampoo Web space for easy sharing with other users.

Ashampoo Snap 8

Also, Version 8 comes with basic OCR / text recognition. This enables you to convert text or email addresses from your photos, PDF files and all scanned documents into your computer text that can be enable for further editing. Another advantage of this software is the feature so-called “picture-in-picture” that includes output from a webcam in your own videos.

As you can see, this easy to use software provides many possibilities for computer users. Let’s see the main features and performances of Ashampoo Snap 8.

  • Enables simply capture everything with unlimited possibilities. It allows you to create some video tutorials and video-capture to your own webcam, streams, Skype calls and others, with ease! Also, it allows you to add effects, to stop your videos, or use timer-based time restrictions.
  • Accurate text recognition – Ashampoo Snap 8 instantly provides you with editable text from PDFs or images, and converts them into computer-editable text. In addition, you have access to contents from photographed or scanned documents and fax messages. It is ideal for foreign-language text and documents (English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish and other languages).
  • Edit and assemble multiple screenshots – Visualize multiple complex affairs by combining many types of screenshots into just one image. Direct your attention to each detail through the arrows, texts and shapes. So, there is no need for any additional explaining!
  • The videos become more personal or vivid if you are actually in it. All you need to do is to record your webcam (along with video), and use your headset. Before all this, adjust the position and size of the webcam image.

Ashampoo Snap 8 1

Also, there are many other possibilities of Ashampoo Snap 8, such as:

  • It supports multi monitor environments and huge.
  • Send by your email or upload to the most common cloud services like Microsoft One-Drive, DropBox, Google Drive, with appropriate auto-resizing.
  • Record tutorials – Ashampoo Snap 8 can record video files in high resolution.
  • Provides fantastic workflow – You can use 3 separate applications, and record them, resize, edit and send screenshots.
  • Capture entire target web pages and allows time-based capturing.
  • Protect selected images with watermarks.
  • Ashampoo Snap 8 has a special capture mode that enables you to capture menus or drop down lists.
  • Determines multiple color values for editing of later.
  • Provides auto-numbering and 53 one-click photo effects.
  • Records non-visible windows.
  • Ashampoo Snap 8 uses smart backups (smart work environment) to save the original state of images.

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