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GENII Debuts CAST: The World’s First Real Time Entertainment Console

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GENII has today announced the official release of the world’s first real time entertainment console – CAST – allowing users to share any content, anywhere, anytime.

Palo Alto, California, March 3, 2015 – GENII, a technology startup with locations in both Palo Alto, California and Annecy, France, has today unveiled CAST, the world’s first real time entertainment console. Designed to bring together families and friends in unique ways, CAST is the first of its kind.

Real Time Entertainment Console

CAST works by simplifying the connections of multiple devices, allowing multiple users in disparate locations and broadcasting from several sources in real time. It promises the ability to create virtually any type of augmented digital event, from watching a soccer game with friends while betting on Betclic to watching The Voice while voting and chatting on Twitter, all from a single screen.

“Our real time broadcasting home console brings together friends and families who want to share life moments in real time,” explains Sylvain Montreuil, Founder and VP of Innovation. “It works by simplifying the sharing of multiple forms of content or apps from different sources in one place, in real time, unifying your digital home and gathering all your content, apps and friends in one place.”

Inside the package, users will find:

  • A 4K camera with wide-angle capture for immersive experiences
  • An OTT device with 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and 1 digital audio connection
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities

CAST is comprised of an OTT device and mobile app that allows users to create a smart living room and stream any type of content to the screen of their choice wirelessly. From big-screen TVs to tablets, there are no cables to worry about or compatibility problems. It works seamlessly across platforms, regardless of the devices in question – CAST connects to any device.

Multi-layout displaying is simple. Users can enjoy their favorite content, from sports to video games to movies or even share pictures, with the content displayed on the screen of their choice, including TVs, projectors and more. At the same time, users can arrange the screen to suit their needs, putting video chat on the bottom right, or tweets at the top.

Home-to-home displaying works seamlessly as well. Users are able to broadcast multi-layout content in real time to friends and family on the device they choose, and CAST mirrors the display to any other TV or tablet in the user’s network. CAST is the digital extension of a family network, offering the ability to share life experiences, fun, important moments and emotions with friends and family.

Setup and use are easy. Users simply connect their existing Internet box, game console or other device to the HDMI connection, and any other devices to Wi-Fi. Once the app is downloaded on a user’s mobile device, it’s ready to use.

To learn more about CAST or to register, visit

About GENII: GENII is a startup company that seeks to deliver innovative solutions to the problem of delivering and displaying content via shared devices, including televisions and tablets, and between people, from family to friends and from one home to another.

Contact details:

  • Name: GENII
  • Phone: +33 6 62 83 42 52
  • Web Address:
  • Email:

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