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Giveaway of ZD Soft Screen Recorder 8.0

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Get the premium screen capture tool – ZD Soft Screen Recorder for FREE today! This is a high-performance and easy-to-use screen recording software program for Windows. It captures screen activities and sound, and saves as video files. With this tool, you can create tutorial videos, make demo videos, convert presentations to videos, capture streaming videos, record PC gameplays… It’s a lightweight, fast and reliable software tool you would love in seconds.

Screen Recorder

Windows desktop recording is a basic feature of a screen recorder. Most of the other screen recorders implement this feature in traditional GDI screen capture techniques. This may cause slight frame lags on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1, because the UI rendering is 3D graphics hardware accelerated and the traditional GDI screen capture techniques may stall the graphics pipelines. ZD Soft Screen Recorder implements advanced screen capture techniques to capture Windows desktop without lags. This guarantees the smoothest desktop recording experience.

PC game screen recording is an advanced feature of a screen recorder. Most of the other screen recorders don’t have this feature as they intend to capture everything using traditional GDI screen capture techniques, but it usually doesn’t work well with PC games, especially with full screen 3D games. ZD Soft Screen Recorder implements different advanced screen capture techniques for different types of PC games. Most of the OpenGL/Direct 3D games are supported by ZD Soft Screen Recorder, so that smooth game recording experience can be guaranteed.

Webcam overlay is a useful feature for creating tutorial videos. A tutorial video with your image shown on the corner would be very appealing. This job is usually done by video editing software if you use a screen recorder without a webcam overlay feature, and it would be a cumbersome work. With ZD Soft Screen Recorder‘s webcam overlay feature, you can embed your image in a recording video simultaneously. This makes it a sharp tool for creating tutorial videos.

Sound recording is an essential feature of a screen recorder, especially for capturing streaming videos and recording PC games. Most of the other screen recorders only support recording from a single audio source, so it’s almost impossible for them to record both the system audio and your voice together. ZD Soft Screen Recorder supports recording from 2 audio sources simultaneously. This makes it possible to record both the system audio and your voice together

Features ZD Soft Screen Recorder 8.0:

  • Full screen recording
  • Partial screen recording
  • Multi-monitor screen recording
  • Follow focus window mode
  • Follow mouse cursor mode
  • Mouse cursor highlight/click effects
  • Embed your own text/image logo in recording
  • Support full screen mode games
  • Support windowed mode games
  • Support Direct3D 8/9/10/11 games
  • Support OpenGL games
  • In-game webcam overlay
  • In-game frame rate info
  • In-game recording indicator
  • Embed webcam overlay in recording
  • Display webcam overlay on desktop
  • Display webcam overlay in PC game
  • Customizable webcam overlay size
  • Customizable webcam overlay position
  • Toggle webcam overlay by hotkey
  • Webcam latency correction
  • System audio recording
  • Voice recording
  • System audio + voice mixing
  • Custom audio source recording
  • Playback device configuration shortcut
  • Recording device configuration shortcut
  • Mute/Unmute at any time during recording
  • Scheduled recording
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Stealth recording mode
  • AVI/WMV recording video formats
  • PNG/JPG/BMP screenshot formats

Home page:

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 8.0 Giveaway info:

  • Name: WindowsDeal Giveaway
  • Email:
  • Key: BBRCE-B6B0J-0F6DL-RDNR3-B92AA

Note: This giveaway end next 2 days!

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