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LG G4 Spec, Features, Release Date, Price!

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It seems like LG Smartphone lovers will have to wait till mid 2015, but this does not mean that loose all that excitement that has been build up since last year. We all know that the release date of G4 has been set up little earlier, which is great news because the release was expected late. This news has been confirmed by LG itself so we can rely on the news now. Now, let’s go further with the specifications and features of the upcoming launch of LG G4. Recommended reading: Five Things That LG G4 Should Have.


LG G4 Release date

The release date has been planned in the mid April. It has been out that the release is going to be towards the April end. But either way the release is much faster than we all had been thinking initially.

LG G4 Specifications And Features

The display of LG G4

LG has announced that its next flagship is going to have a bezel slimmer than the earlier one. There is not any figure available, but there are several rumors to succeed LG. according to the LG its thickness is going to be 0.7 mm, which means 0.45 less than G3. The ultra thickness is going to make your phone look like a credit card. This great technology s called Neo Edge according to LG. there are no confirmed data about the display resolution and screen size. It is going to be launched with a retina display, IPS LCD.

Camera of G4

The camera is the most important feature popular among modern users. People demand high-resolution cameras s that they can capture quality images. Just as processor and display is important, the device camera is also a vital factor that is going to determine the success of the Smartphone. It is being rumored that the G4 is having 16 MP rear cameras. There will also be a micro SD slot. There might also be a chance that users will see bendable display and power efficiency. If these are the features than users are going to be highly impressed. Both these features are having high chances so; people can keep their fingers crossed.

Built and design

G4 is going to have a metal anybody designs. Giants like HTC and Apple have already gained success in this, but LG did not competitor with them. LG might want to keep their own pace or might wanted to test their customer’s loyalty. No matter what is the reason having this feature in LG G series is a great thing. This phone is made entirely of metal and LG might have also tried something new. The company has kept the weight of this phone extremely light.

Dust proof and water resistant

These are not something new for the features, but are extremely important features, which a Smartphone must have. These features also decide the acceptability and popularity of any Smartphone in the market. During parties or hiking trips, your phone might fall in water, then? Having these features means your Smartphone is going o stay new for a long time. It will also have better performance for a long time.

Battery & Price

LG is going to compete with the giants in rating for battery. LG is going to be a huge success if they offer a strong battery back up to their users. LG fans can hope for 3,500mAh battery. The price of the phone is going to be worth the features LG is offering with their new launch. LG wants to grab their fans attention with the features not the price tag.

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